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Session 36 – Away with the fairies

June 27th 2013 (Thursday)

Tonight’s meditation was just pure fun. Cain took the group again, although Greg joined us, freshly baked from his holiday.



Cain told us he was going to take us on a meditation to connect with the fairy world, and to become pure light energy like them.

We began, the two men and five women, with a ball of light coming up from the earth through our bodies and then surrounding us as we walked down a leafy country lane in the bright sunshine.

When we came to a huge wall of light we went through it.

‘As you step through the wall of light you will feel your body becoming a pure ball of light. Feel yourself lifting up high above a meadow of wild flowers. What can you see?’ He asked.

‘Now focus on reducing your size, feel yourself getting smaller and smaller until the flowers are much bigger than you,’ Cain instructed us.

‘When you’re as small as you can get, look out for tiny elementals approaching you. I’m going to leave you here with them in the meadow for a while.’

As we began the meditation I felt very light, and had no difficulty floating up through the air after stepping through the wall of light.

I immediately focused of two majestic magenta peonies and headed straight for them. On the way, as I got smaller and smaller, a tiny flying elemental dressed in green leggings with dragonfly wings approached me.

She took me to play in the long grasses, bending them over and using them as slides. After a while she took me to a place under the cover of some leaves where a row of tiny pink hammocks lay empty.

‘Hop up here,’ she encouraged me from her hammock, ‘there’s something you need to find in here.’

Try as I might I could not raise myself high enough to get into the hammock, and after a while gave up.

She took me instead to the end of a rainbow where the rain fell in rainbow colours.We pretended it was a pool, diving and somersaulting through the drops. We seemed to be there for ages till Cain called us back into the room, through the wall of light again.

I was fascinated by the range of things experienced by the others in the group (as usual) and how different they were from mine. Some people saw guides; one joined a whole group of elementals in their work of repairing the damaged flowers and plants, and another went flying at great speed.

Cain said it was interesting that the hammocks I couldn’t reach were pink, because pink is a higher vibration to the rainbow colours.

We didn’t do any great analysis of the experiences, but I think mine was about making more time for fun.

I wonder what was in the pink hammocks that I needed to know, and whether I’ll get another chance soon to find out.


Henry Morgan and the Oversoul

Thursday June 27th 2013

There’s a line in a Bob Marley song that says ‘Don’t forget your history. Know your destiny.’ (From the song Rat Race).

Sunset in the Caribbean

Sunset in the Caribbean

Evidently spirit thinks I’ve forgotten mine and seem to be setting out to remind me. It’s beginning to feel like my connection with spirit is one big history lesson.

I was at a meeting on Monday night and drifted into a conversation with my grandmother. Remembering Greg’s and Cain’s advice to ask our guides to reveal as much information about themselves as possible I said, ‘Come on Grandma, why don’t you show me your face?’ Strange though it may seem I’ve never seen a photo of my grandmother, and never met her in person as she died way before I was born.

I sat and waited. Nothing happened. I softened my gaze and looked into the glass panel of the door facing me. Nothing. I gazed a bit more. Gradually the profile of a face appeared.

Well, as you can imagine, I was fascinated. It became clearer the more I looked. It was a strong face with what appeared to be a mass of curly hair. The eye (remember I’m seeing it in profile) was deep-set, and the was chin long and curved. But it was the nose that surprised me. It was large and quite straight. Throughout the night I looked up and it was still there.

I wanted to call my friend when I got home to let her know what had happened, but I received a text that a colleague had committed suicide and felt the need to speak to the person who’d sent it to me instead. As A Course In Miracles practitioners we both agreed that he could now find the peace he found it so hard to recognise here. I went to bed still excited.

On Tuesday I went to buy some sage and incense sticks and got chatting to the woman in the shop who’s very spiritual. I told her of my plans to go to Cameroon.

‘Remember to speak to the oversoul of the place when you get there,’ she advised.

‘The over what?’ I asked.

‘The oversoul,’ she repeated. ‘Every place has an energy that takes responsibility for the well-being of the place, from the highest mountain to the tiniest flower. When you go anywhere new, it’s a good idea to ask the oversoul how you can be of help, and also what you can learn from the place.’

Caribbean sunset

Caribbean sunset

Well, (must stop using so many wells) I was intrigued. I’d never heard of this before, and was even more interested when she said that sometimes oversouls use willing individuals to put them in touch with the oversouls of other places that they’ve visited.

‘Can the oversoul contact you before you get there?’ I wondered, as it does feel that Cameroon called me, and that in some way I’m being asked to take something from Cameroon to Jamaica. Maybe I’m being asked to put the oversouls back in touch with each other?

‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘especially if you put out the message that you want to help. Go with the mind that you’re bringing them something, and that you’ll receive something, and you can’t go wrong.’

That night I did some more research the Maroons in Clarendon. I figured it would be helpful to know a bit more about the history of Jamaica before I go to Cameroon for two reasons.

  1. If I’m asked about my birthplace I won’t appear totally ignorant.
  2. To see more clearly what it is I need to take from Cameroon to Jamaica.

I found that one of the first and biggest uprising of slaves happened in Clarendon, and that Henry Morgan, a British Governor was based there.

That’s when I remembered that my grandmother’s maiden name was Morgan, so I looked up Henry and WOW! The face in the glass was his – the curly hair – the straight nose – the long chin.

Of course I wanted to know more about the man, his Welsh origins and his buccaneering.

I really am fascinated by this process, and although I’m not sure where its leading me I’m prepared to trust it.

I’ve looked into the oversoul. The only references I’ve found are to an online game and to an essay of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Have you ever heard of the oversoul in this context? Would love to know if you have and what you make of it.

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Further down the rabbit hole

Sunday June 23rd 2013

Caribbean beach

Caribbean beach

On Thursday, during the meditation in the development session the facilitator said he could see a woman wrapped in a maroon cloak standing behind me holding an umbrella made of cane over my head. See the full story here.

I deduced from this that I was being told that there is a connection between me and the Maroons of Jamaica. I also wondered if I was being given a message to look at the link between Cameroon and the Maroons.

First I checked out the meaning of the colour maroon. There were two main meanings:

1)      It is symbolic of courage, bravery, heroism and strength.

2)      The colour is red-brown, like that obtained from clay and is associated with healing and power to repel malevolent spirits.

The Maroons in Jamaica represents all of the above. They were the runaway slaves who fought the British for their freedom 100 years before the official abolition of slavery.  They were, and still are, a very spiritual people. The current Maroon community in Jamaica still carries out a ritual in which they speak to the ancestors using MSL – Maroon Spirit Language.

But it wasn’t till I typed in ‘link between Maroons in Jamaica and Cameroon’ that I got the information that the original Maroons were made up of slaves taken from what is modern day Ghana and modern day Cameroon.

I just sat and stared at the screen. Not so much flabbergasted by the connections but by the means that I’d been made aware of them.

When I spoke to my sister-in-law tonight she said there is a Maroon community in Clarendon, which is where my mom is from.

I feel a trip to Jamaica to make connections with the Maroons coming on very shortly after my return from Cameroon.


Countdown to Cameroon – Reality check

Friday June 21st 2013

Post elation and the reality is beginning to sink in. Volunteering is not a holiday, it’s a job, and preparing to volunteer overseas is like starting a job abroad.

First there’s the CRB or police check, then there’s booking the flight, booking in with the surgery for immunisation – yellow fever and cholera are compulsory as are malaria tablets. Add visa application (which is not a straightforward affair with the Cameroon embassy) and all the people who have to be informed this end and in Cameroon and its way more than starting a job here.

On top of that the blurb states that it’s approximately a day’s travel by bus to the project from the airport, (and the flights I’ve looked at so far are anywhere from ten hours to thirty-one hours).

I have to buy a sleeping bag. I’ll need it for the volunteer house as bedding isn’t provided. I have to buy a pair of wellingtons because it can get very muddy between April and November, and warm clothes as the altitude of project means it can get quite chilly in the evenings.

By Monday I was beginning to wonder whether this was such a good idea, but after speaking to one of the staff at Original Volunteers on Tuesday I was all fired up again. Filled in and posted the police check form. First job done, about twenty to go.


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Countdown to Cameroon – 20th June 2013

Thursday June 20th 2013


It’s hard to believe that this time last week I’d just signed up for volunteering in the Cameroon. Having paid my registration fee I was told I’d get an information pack by 6 p.m.

Entrance to Utoxeter Race Course

Entrance to Utoxeter Race Course

Had I been at home, or had access to my emails, I think I’d have been checking every five minutes. As it happened I was at the Utoxeter Races Ladies Day eating fine foods, drinking more champagne than was good for me, and having a little flutter on the horses.

There was a moment when I looked around me at the beautifully laid tables, the shiny cutlery, the sparkling crockery, the flowers, the food and the drink. I listened to the happy laughter as everyone became more relaxed with the effects of the welcoming Pimms and Champagne.

I looked and thought about how different things were going to be in Cameroon. I took a snapshot of the scene in my mind, and thought, oddly, that I’d need to recall the picture when I’m there.


I got home just before midnight and headed straight to my inbox. There they were; two emails from Original Volunteers. One welcomed me to the organisation and gave me a time line of what to do when. Things like booking flights, completing various documentation, booking vaccines, applying for visas.

It also supplied the link below to Hannah Holtby’s blog about her experiences while volunteering on the project.

The other email contained more information about the project itself. The more I read the more overjoyed I became. This project seemed tailor made for me. I have an interest in education, health and empowerment. The project has a school, health facility and advocacy and women’s empowerment service.

I’m interested in meeting Tikar people. The project is located in Kumbo, which is very close to the main area for Tikar people, (if my geography serves me well). And the icing on the cake – it’s an area that specialises in natural medicines.

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Session 35 – Skeletons in the desert

Thursday June 20th 2013



Greg is on holiday so we had a stand in. He began with a discussion about sitting in open and closed circles. I asked ‘what’s the difference between an open and a closed circle.’

‘In closed circles the emphasis is on working with spirit. Open circles are the apprenticeship to closed circles.’

‘How will you know when to move to a closed circle?’ I wanted to know.

‘Your guide, and your facilitator’s guide, will give you an indication when the time is right?’

He went on to explain that open circles mainly work psychically, and that this is an important part of working with energy. There is a point, however, where people feel drawn to work more spiritually. That’s the time to move, if the facilitator also agrees.

He told us he was going to take us through a guided meditation into the desert and leave us there for a while before asking us to return.

Before the meditation Cain (that’s his name and it is significant later) began by having us visualise a ball of light coming up from the ground through our feet, our ankles calves, waist torso and head.

He then began the meditation. He asked us to walk down a lane. I was a sunny day, no traffic, all peaceful. We came to a wall of light. Walk through the wall of light into the desert on the other side. On this side too there was blue sky and sand, but no trees or buildings. ‘I’m going to leave your here’ he said and call you back when it’s time to return.

When we began with the ball of light I felt the energy move through me, but it made me sleepy. By the time we got to the wall I’d have much preferred to drift off to sleep, but I felt like someone yanked me awake and told me I needed to do this one.

As I stepped through the wall of light I felt incredibly sad, and started to cry. Not ‘racking sobs’ as they say in all the romantic novels, but tears that were painful behind my eyes before dripping hotly onto my cheeks.

As I stood looking around at the vast expanse of nothingness I became aware of my grandmother beside me. She didn’t speak but looked on sympathetically as I took some tentative barefooted steps across the hot sand.

I soon got accustomed to the heat. We walked for some time before she offered me a wide brimmed straw-like hat.

When I looked at her quizzically she replied, ‘You’ll need it.’

We walked on a little more and came to a stop in front of  a spot of sand that started to bubble, like boiling water, or maybe more accurately like molten lava – slowly, with big bubbles.

I looked on in astonishment as three skeletons came up out of the sand. They stood in front of us. As I gawped I was aware of my grandma looking at me a step or two away.

The first skeleton started to grow flesh. When he was fully fleshed I asked him to show me his face. He was very dark, with a hooked nose, wide forehead and very cheekbones. He pulled a cloak around him. It was made of a fabric of yellow and green diamonds.

When he was finished the second skeleton went through the same process of growing flesh. He was slightly shorter and thinner. His cloak was grey, or more of a dirty white. While I was asking him to show his face Cain asked us to come back.

The third skeleton was waiting patiently but I didn’t have time to observe his re-skinning.

During feedback Cain said he was sorry I’d had a tearful experience, he’d hoped it would have been a pleasant one for everyone. (The others had fairly pleasant experiences). He said the skeletons coming up from the earth were to show that we come, stay for a while, go, and come again.

He said that when he looked in on my meditation he saw a woman behind me in a bright maroon cloak holding an umbrella over my head. He said it wasn’t in a material we’d normally associate with umbrella, ‘more like my namesake, cane,’ he added.

I was immediately curious as to what he meant by ‘looking in on my meditation’. He explained that at a certain level of training and experience you can actually connect with individual’s meditation.

I later told him that I’ve been doing some work on ancestry, and that there is a group in Jamaica called the Maroons, and that Jamaica is noted for sugar cane production – hence the umbrella being made of cane.

Someone else suggested that ‘flesh’ could mean words, as in ‘in the beginning was the word, and the word was made flesh.’

‘Could this have something to do with your writing?’ she asked.

I admitted that I’ve been referring to the ‘bones’ of the parenting course I’m writing, but it still needs a lot more flesh on it.

Later, while I was sharing this with a friend, I made a slip and said I needed to do more research on the Cameroons (meaning Maroons). In a split moment we both heard the link between Maroons and Cameroons.

Please, if you know anything about skeletons or deserts (there is one in Cameroon – does this mean I’m to go when I visit later this year?) please let me have your thoughts if you can see any more links or uncover any more layers.

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Session 34 – Encaustic paintings

Monday June 17th 2013

We were definitely missing male energy today. Eight females engaged with crystals, cards and Encaustic paintings. Aim? To connect with spirit and give readings to each other.

There were two new people and one that moved over from Greg’s Thursday evening group – on account of working nights.

My Encaustic painting - landscape

My Encaustic painting – landscape

After the opening prayer one of the members lead the first meditation. She used a set of cards and asked us to choose one to focus on during the meditation. Mine was essentially about asking for help and keeping going till I get to the top of the mountain.

We then did a healing meditation using quartz crystal. I had a massive wand and felt its energy as soon as I picked it up and sat it on my lap.  I could barely focus on the meditation because the energy was so strong from the crystal.

‘Shall we do the Encaustic paintings?’ Mary asked.

There was a chorus of ‘What’s Encaustic paintings?’ from most of us.

‘I’ve brought an iron and some paper,’ said Jill, rummaging around in her bag. ‘I’ve brought the wax as well.’

‘I’ll get the ironing board then,’ said Mary, and disappeared upstairs.

‘It’s best if we just show you what to do,’ Jill said in reply to our wide eyes and dropped jaws.

And she was as good as her word. An ironing board was set up in our meditation room. The iron was plugged in, the small oblongs of what looked like photographic paper were piled at one end of the ironing board while Jill and Mary spread newspaper on it and laid out small blocks of coloured wax.

My Encaustic painting - portrait view

My Encaustic painting – portrait view

Mary then demonstrated how to rub the wax onto the hot plate of the iron and manipulate it over the photographic paper to form a picture. She changed colours several times, sometimes layering one over the other. She had a beautiful abstract picture by the end. And even as I stood admiring it I began to try to make sense of it psychically.

We all had fun creating our own unique pictures before pairing up to give readings to each other. I’ve stopped being amazed by how accurately whatever is being read can be to the person you’re reading for.

I saw in my partner’s picture the face of a silver lion with the body of a monkey. I knew instinctively it had to do with her protective qualities, but also her ingenuity and sense of fun. I saw a blue heart and thought it related to her reconnecting with her love of expressing herself. She admitted that she’d had some problem in the past but was becoming more open now.

The reading from my picture was about going all the way to the top. She saw ‘go’ at the top right hand corner of the picture (portrait view). Swirls of positive energy were taking me there.

The Monday circle seem to be the one that introduces me to the many and varied tools one can use to do a psychic reading, while the Thursday circle focuses more on developing mediumship skills.

Monday’s seem to confirm where I’m going whereas Thursday’s give me new pointers.

As you know I’m always interested in other people’s experiences. Have you ever done or read an Encaustic painting? Can you see anything in the one I did? Let me know if you can, please.


Poetry performance – The Guide

June 15th 2013

I’m a member of the writers group Writers Without Borders and was persuaded to perform at the Celebrating Sanctuary event today. Celebrating Sanctuary is an event held as part of Refugee week each year in June.

This poem is one that I wrote virtually in my sleep. I’d write a verse and try to get back to sleep, then another verse, and another would come until the poem was finished. I then slept soundly. Now I understand that it was probably a spirit dictated one.

I haven’t written much poetry recently. I find it quite difficult to write poetry when my head is in prose. Does anyone else find this? Is this literary inability to multi-task?

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A month in Cameroon

Having traced my African ancestors to Cameroon, I’ve just signed up to go and do some volunteer work in a project out there. I’m going with an organisation called Original Volunteers. The project runs a school, a health facility and a women’s empowerment service.  I’m planning to go for a month later in about ten

Crotons. Just wanted to brighten up this post on a cold and grey day.

Crotons. Just wanted to brighten up this post on a cold and grey day.

weeks time.

I’ve never done any volunteering of this kind abroad, so already its feeling like a massive adventure and I haven’t even left home yet.

I’d love to hear about your volunteering experiences and whether you’ve ever heard of Original Volunteers, or used them.

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Spirituality and Wellness in the New Millennium

June 11th 2013

I went to a lecture by Dr Ra Un Nefer Amen 1(the first) on Saturday entitled ‘Spirituality and Wellness in the New Millennium.’ He’s the founder of the Ausar Auset Society International and the lecture was part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations tour.

Ausar Auset 40th Anniversary Lecture

Ausar Auset 40th Anniversary Lecture

His main points were that the body is but a tool for the mind and it is by connecting with our spirit and living spiritually that we achieve true health.

He talked about there being no stressful events, that death, divorce, redundancy and any of those things we’ve come to attach the label ‘stressful’ to are not stressful in and of themselves.

There are, however, stressful responses, and increasingly the media are encouraging us to believe that these stressful responses are ‘natural’. Terms such as ‘naturally I was devastated, naturally I was angry, naturally I was traumatised,’ are heard in many broadcasts.

These responses are not natural; they are the responses of an unprepared mind, an untrusting spirit. It is stress that causes diseases, and that connecting with our spirit increases trust and trust reduces or diminishes stress. He also said that when we’re stressed our IQ reduces significantly (I can’t remember the exact percentage) which is why we don’t make good decision when we’re stressed.

He said something else that really made me think. That worry is trying to control the future and grieving is trying to control the past. I know the one about worry, and have accepted it into my way of thinking and being, but it was the first time I’d heard the one about grieving. But the more I thought about it the more sense it made. Grieving is about wishing something was different. We often feel helpless and angry that we couldn’t control the situation to stop the death or the loss from happening.

He surprised us with a healing meditation, pointing out that the body can heal itself using positive thinking, sound and colour. In the limited time he had he couldn’t go into the theory of all of them but wanted us to experience healing with sound and positive visualisation.

The meditation began with a chant he said he’d channelled through his guide. It was a beautiful sound which we sang for a while before he asked us to stop singing and follow the recording in our heads as he guided us through the rest of the meditation.

We used visualised light and sound to move through the body healing all parts that need it.

It was very powerful! I think the intense energy of the group (about 150 people) added to the intensity of the experience.

I dropped into the bliss state very quickly, lost all sense of time and space and body, and drifted in and out of it during the meditation.

At the end some people spoke of their experiences of healing; headaches gone, lower back pain that had been there for weeks vanished. Some people saw blue light, others silver. He explained that these are the colours of his guide.

For those who saw other colours he said they were the colours their bodies needed at that time.

Quite a number of people shared my experience.

I reflected how weird this would have seemed ten years ago and thought about how far I’ve come on this spiritual path. The thing is, I know there is still so much I don’t know and have yet to experience.

Dr Ra Un Nefer Amen 1 is obviously a deeply spiritual person and a very well know international figure (I looked him up later on the web) but his concern during the two hours he was with us was clearly for our well being, to leave us in better health than when we arrived.

I’ve found that there’s something about people who are very secure in their spirituality – they are very humble. I obviously have a way to go yet!

I’m going to check out the Birmingham branch of the Ausar Auset Society International and learn more about what they do. Please let me know if you’ve had any experience of this group in the UK or elsewhere.