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Your Numerology Personal Year No 8

Key words for this year are:

Karma, responsibility, strength, business, service, sex, balance and harmony

During this 8 cycle you are learning to take what situations or issues you have been working on – particularly during the last seven years – and make them stronger. This may mean, for example, that if you have been learning patience, you get to grips with this, which profoundly influences your life in a positive way. You may also find that due to this surge of strength, you are able to face happy or sad situations which would have been too much for you before – for instance, going to the dentist, getting married or filing for divorce.

It’s a good time to make peace with situations and to cut the ties with people and situations from the past that will block up your energy in the future. This may mean you need to mentally, emotionally or physically revisit these situations to pick up any pieces that have been left behind. Perhaps you arrange a school reunion, visit relatives you haven’t spoken to for years (for reasons you may have long forgotten), or reunite with old friends. As a result, relationships may organically fade away or regenerate in a different way.

In this 8 Personal Year, you may find you need to relearn how to do things, for example, taking a refresher course in computer studies even though you’ve been using computers for ten years. You really want to feel as though you are on top of your game and in control of your life, and you do not want to be left behind in any area. Gently asserting yourself can give you a feeling of personal power, which can enhance your life.

At times you find that you try to reorganise cupboards that don’t need changing, which stirs up situations that are best left to rest. You are learning about responsibility in a big way, so there is little point in delegating matters to others because you will only need to deal with them yourself at a later date.

There may be sudden powerful shifts in your mental outlook during this 8 year, which may be a wake-up call for you to take a good long look at your life, particularly your career and finances. You may find that you receive recognition for your work as a result of your conscientious efforts and talents, and you may discover that what you give out to the world really does come back to you in some form or another.

It a great time for cultivating romances; you may be feeling raunchy and out to seduce. Indeed, flattery may get you everywhere at work or home during this cycle, as you’re bursting with life; others may even fight over a chance to spend precious time with you.

From Collins Gem Numerology © Essential Books (2002) By Sonia Ducie

One thought on “Your Numerology Personal Year No 8

  1. This is so interesting! With a year number of 8, there are so many things that i have already considered and even done that feature in the explanation on your pages. Re-ordering and removal of one time ‘friends’, considerations of income, physical relationships of a more long lasting kind. and it’s only a few weeks ! Wow. Thank you.

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