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Your Numerology Personal Year No 7

Key words for this year are:

Rest, physical completion, perfection, health and analysis

The 7 Personal Year is a time when much healing can take place because you are more deeply connected to your inner spirituality, and to your truth. As you are pulling together the experiences of the last six years so that they can reach their full potential, much introspection may be needed. Healing yourself can take a lot of energy and you may find you need to take resting periods away from others to process the inner changes that are now taking place. However, you may also be dreamy, and in order to keep your feet firmly on the ground, it can help if you do not cut yourself off completely from your work, family and friends. You may also feel left out of others’ lives at times, which can create emotional fragility because you want to feel as though you belong.

Issues around trust and betrayal may arise this year and be a part of your development, and health issues may need addressing. Events that take place may guide you to religion or to spirituality, or make you realise that you can’t take life for granted. This cycle may bring on an identity crisis as you are confronting yourself deeply, as if you are taking an honest look at yourself naked in the mirror. You are uncovering new aspects of yourself, and it may take a while before you sit comfortably with you, so you need to be patient. Old anxieties may arise and feel exaggerated if you focus on them too much, rather than getting on and enjoying your life and having some innocent fun.

You can find that the last six years’ efforts pay off handsomely during this 7 year, not only in terms of your growth but materially too. For example, you may gain a qualification which enables you to earn more money, receive a pay rise or promotion, or buy a new house or car. Your relationships may blossom too: perhaps you get married, have a child or decide to live with your partner. If you’ve previously been working on your fitness levels, they may be in tiptop, peak condition. This year can offer you a real feast on many levels as you are aligning with nature.

In a 7 year you may find that you act as a catalyst for changes in others’ lives, perhaps unintentionally, or you may be brilliant at motivating people to improve their lives. For example, you buy or take over management of a centre for healing, which provides competition for other centres nearby and motivates them to offer a better service, or you motivate your partner to join a gym by buying both of you a membership. You may also find that this cycle is a great catalyst for your spiritual development, which may have a profound influence upon your future

From Collins Gem Numerology (c) Essential Books (2002) By Sonia Ducie

2 thoughts on “Your Numerology Personal Year No 7

  1. I am currently in a 7 year for 2014, and although its only February I am truly experiencing the #7 in my life. Of course it doesnt hurt that my last name breaks down to a 7. So far this year ive experienced a dream that I remembered and looked as if it was preparing me for my future. Ive been away from the outside world for a little over two weeks, away from my children, but where the old me would freak out about this time alone, to myself, the current me is truly grateful for this time of being alone, for it is blessing me to plan my future, and decide what and who I want to continue this journey with me.

  2. Hi Singleheart75

    I was in a 7 year last year. It was awesome. Not spectacular on the outside but amazing shifts in my spiritual development. Much of it came from learning how to be still and listen (really listen) to my intuition.

    My advise would be to go with the flow. Don’t rush anything, allow the journey to emerge. Good luck. Keep in touch and share more things with us.

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