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Middleport Pottery and Belonging Village heritage nightclub.

Such is the pressure of PhD work that a visit that took place on 19th January is just being written up and shared. It was a bitterly cold day in Stoke on Trent but there were warm welcomes in both places. Middleport Pottery had royal intervention in the form of Prince Charles’ Regeneration Trust to save it from being closed in 2011. Since then it has been authentically renovated as a working pottery.

It was interesting to watch workers maintaining some very old traditions. Could transfer printing actually be classed as intangible cultural heritage? The ladies in the room were the last ones in this country with these skills, and with only two new apprentices and an aging workforce, they may well be the last, unless something can be done to encourage more young people to take up this work.

It was good to track the process from clay to finished articles. Even the tea in the cafe is served in Middleport Pottery. Would highly recommend this visit.

Belonging Village for people with dementia has created a heritage night-club to help people remember their youth. Unfortunately they were unable to show us any more than an empty room as the space is still under construction. May be more interesting to see it when it’s finished.

So good to get out from behind the desk. Thanks Jamie.