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Your Numerology Personal Year No 2

The key words for this year are:

Co-operation, partnership, creativity, peace, harmony, and peaceful co-existence

A 2 Personal Year is asking you to find ways of creating more harmony, stability and balance in all areas of your life. Indeed, you are searching for ways to make life easier for yourself, for example by letting go of a specific type of emotional behaviour which is preventing you from enjoying life fully, or perhaps by moving to a property closer to your job instead of commuting for hours every working day. In order to bring more balance into your life, you may need to look at situations carefully, weigh up which need to be changed, and then be prepared to do something about them.

With a 2, you may also find yourself in situations that are the very opposite of what you had expected, but in order for you to find your ideal balance, it may be necessary for you to experience these.

This cycle can be a time for major decision-making, but before doing so you are likely to consult your partner or best friend and talk it through thoroughly, and you will also pay attention to your intuition. If you started a new job, moved house or took on new commitments during last year’s 1 cycle, by now you are beginning to find your way, and hopefully you are feeling more at ease with these changes. There may be a feeling that you want to backtrack on decisions made last year, but more often than not, these are based upon emotional fears which need to be kept in check in order to make steady progress. Indeed, any fluctuations in finances or emotions may be a part of the process that encourages you to work harder towards a balanced life this year.

During a 2 cycle, you may find yourself hopelessly in love and experiencing undying romance; it is time for a blending of souls. Perhaps you may also seek out a special friend to share your hobbies and interests with, or merge your company with a new business partner. You will often find that you are attracted to acting as a couple. Whether you are living or working with another, you may find that other people distinctly fade into the background as you fully explore the 2 dynamic this year. Wanting someone to hold your hand so that you do not experience life alone may be a problem for you, along with relying on them for emotional support. However, you may discover that by learning to give to others, you feel connected to life, which opens up your heart a little further and makes you attractive to love.

Negotiations of any kind may spring up and dominate your life during this cycle, but you may be required to work at compromises. You can even find yourself mediating on behalf of others, over which you will usually be calm and diplomatic, even if your emotions do try to get in the way. You can also find yourself defusing uncomfortable situations easily because you are able to keep your emotions in check, and because you do not take sides in an argument.

From Collins Gem Numerology (c) Essential Books 2002 by Sonia Ducie

3 thoughts on “Your Numerology Personal Year No 2

  1. YES, sound like me, are you a 2 ? by the way its a lovely site.xx

  2. Started personal year 2 in 2014. Moved to a new house to be near my workplace and avoid commuting long hours on Jan 5th!

  3. Hi Pats. A friend of mine is also in a year 2, and is in the process of buying a house closer to her work to cud down on commuting. She was gobsmacked when I read the energy of year 2 to her. She has more of the 2 going on in her life also. I’m always amazed by how accurate the numbers are. Enjoy your year 2. Its a lovely year.

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