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Your Numerology Personal Year No 9

Key words for this year are:

Endings, transition, charity, friendships and wisdom

During this Year 9 cycle, you are at the end of a whole nine-year cycle and heading towards the beginning of another, so at times you feel as though your life is in suspended animation. For example, you have sold your house and have purchased a new one, but you have not yet moved in; time may seem to drag at this stage.

However, there is a lack of energy to push ahead for what you want as you are still completing issues from the last eight years, and you cannot go back to what you have left behind. The most supportive attitude to take during this cycle is to relax and ease up about situations so that your life can flow and allow the right circumstances to happen naturally.

There may be constant transformation in you life in this 9 Personal Year, and it can feel as though you are shedding your skin and growing a new one. At times you may have a loss of faith in yourself or the future, but that is because you are developing a new outlook on life and it may take a while to process.

You may radically change your diet, alter you hairstyle, buy a completely new range of clothes, or go out with a lover whom you may not have previously even considered. You may discover or rediscover you passions for art and music during this cycle. Anything is possible because you’re totally open to life.

This year, you are also clearing emotional issues, which at times may make you feel physically wiped out or grumpy. Indeed, you may feel an urgency to come clean and express yourself honestly in order to be able to start all over again. However, there is no point criticising yourself for what you did not do, or for opportunities that you did not take; it is wasted energy. Now is the time to learn your lessons and move on. As you are letting go of old issues and forgiving the past, there may be much relief, along with feelings of liberation and joy.

During this 9 cycle, you may turn deeply inwards to your spirituality or find yourself interested in the religious sphere. Perhaps you develop an acute interest in current affairs and find you are genuinely more interested in humanity’s welfare than ever before, or you may offer your help to the local community. You may feel like travelling; you are likely to be eager to discover new lands and different cultures which can improve your knowledge of the world and expand your spiritual awareness.

This 9 cycle may feel a little like sitting an exam where you are anticipating your mark at the end of it. However, only you decide if you pass or fail this time; you are the one giving yourself the Brownie points, so judge yourself kindly and feel happy in the knowledge that you have done your best.

From Collins Gem Numerology © Essential Books (2002) By Sonia Ducie

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