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Transforming Numerology

Numerology transforms. I knew it was a way of signposting what could happen in the future by understanding the energy in our names and date of birth. I was unprepared for the spiritual transformation that happened on the 6 day intensive foundation course at the Connaissance School of Numerology in Royston, Hertfordshire. It definitely wasn’t just about the numbers.

Brilliant teacher Sonia Ducie guided us through some rocky inner journeys to bring us out safely at the other end. Lots more processing to do.

The 15th century venue sits on top of Royston Cave, a Templar’s cave previously used for ¬†initiation. Also the St Michael and St Mary ley lines meet under the building. How could it not have been transformational?

Looking forward to starting the Diploma in February.

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Becoming a numerologist

Connaissance School of Numerology course brochure

Connaissance School of Numerology course brochure

It felt like I was pulled to the Tree of Life Festival at the weekend – despite my reluctance to make it a priority. Having applied twice for a free ticket and not been successful I’d put it out of my mind. Very late on Friday night I realised I had, indeed, been granted a free ticket.

Exhausted from the night before I didn’t make it till after midday – but it didn’t matter because the people I’d been drawn there to see were not speaking till the Sunday.

Listening to Nicolas David Ngan talk about using numbers to decode your soul contract using your birth name (i.e. on on your birth certificate) was fascinating.

But it was Sonia Ducie and her use of numerology to analyse dreams that drew me to the training courses offered by the Connaissance School of Numerology.

Their certificate and diploma courses offer just about everything I’ve been looking to learn about numerology using an esoteric approach.

When I explained to Sonia Ducie that the numerology section of this blog gets the greatest hits, and that the information there is taken from Numerology Gems¬†she said ‘I wrote that book.’

Did I need any more reason to sign up?

The certificate starts on the 17th November. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.