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Your Numerology Personal Year No 5

Key words for this year are:

Communication, decisions, change, experience and sexual magnetism

If you are feeling incredibly uninhibited and ready to have the time of your life, it’s because of the influence of the personal year number 5. This number is associated with fun, adventure, sensuality and experimentation, and it may be a mesmerising year, particularly for relationships. If you’ve been feeling like you need a bit of a push to make important changes in your life, then this vibration will help you do it. This year may also bring unexpected changes to your life if you try to fight your natural forward progression. Similarly, if you try to force situations, you may find they rebound on you with the same velocity.

Where commitments have become stuck with seemingly no way out, sudden resolutions may appear and free your life up. Even if you are normally prone to speculation, this cycle can turn your life upside down. If it needs to be rearranged so that you continue in the right direction anything can happen. Sometimes it may feel as if there is no one to turn to and nothing to hold on to, or as if there’s no earth beneath your feet. This may be designed to keep you on your toes, so that you do not become complacent about the necessary changes in your life. However, restlessness may make you more accident-prone, so you may need to act with intent. Likewise, forgetting to pay bills because you are rushing everywhere may lead to sticky situations.

The 5 personal year offers you wonderful opportunities to get crystal-clear about your life and to put it into perspective. This may require a lot of communication, which is great because you need to work on this quality this year. Good communication can help to kick-start your career or boost your closeness within a relationship. Perhaps you start off by communicating with yourself by keeping a daily diary so you can keep track of and monitor your thoughts. Or you may write letters to express yourself to close ones, which may be easier than speaking to them in person, as it allows you to really think about what you need to say.

In order to make the most of this cycle, you need to embrace change. Any kind of procrastination may compound situations and prolong them, so that this year stops and starts. However, as much as you’d like to talk yourself out of facing situations, you can, if you want, keep you mind positive and talk yourself into them. Indeed, you my find yourself craving regularity this year, but it may be wasted sentiment. Life may be full of surprises, and should not be boring, particularly if you pounce on some of the exciting opportunities on offer, and are versatile with it. It’s time to allow your soul to speak to you and for you to use your gifts.

From Collins Gem Numerology (c) Essential Books 2002 By Sonia Ducie

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