Writing Creatively With Spirit

A journey of psychic discovery



My name’s Predencia and I’m on a journey to explore and use my psychic and spiritual abilities in a more focused and constructive way.

I write both fiction and non-fiction.When I began this blog in 2013 I wanted to see whether my psychic and spiritual gifts would affect my writing. They most clearly have and still do. See about for more details of my journey so far.

My psychic and writing development involves an increasing amount of travel. I also use this space to share my travel experiences.

I’d love for you to join me on my journey, share your own if you’re doing something similar, or help to guide me if you’ve been there and done it already. Please comment on anything, I’d love to hear from you.

16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Predencia loved reading your bloggs, definately going to be a more spirtual year for me, decided to do my reiki masters as well as meditating more and going back to my reiki share group. Keep the bloggs flowing, when you get the chance can you give me some info on the 7 yr cycle thing you spoke about when we were on the property course, as I really feel this is a definate transformation year for me following on from a v challenging year last year and it may help me understand where I have been and where I am going. Once the weather settles would love to meet up its been ages. Lots of love Tracy xx

    • Hi Tracy. Great to hear from you. I definitely think this is a year for reconnecting with healing. I’ve been doing more (by default than by design) and it’s really making a difference to my own energy. Some mornings I wake up brimming with it.

      Thought it might be a good idea to upload all the info I have on this site. It will be under the Numerology Personal Year Section. Give me a few days to get this done. Yes, it will be great to meet.

      Much love Px

    • Hi Tracy. The info on the personal year number and how to work out what year you’re in is now included under resources. If you want to have a chat about it let me know. 🙂 Px

  2. Congratulations on your continued journey exploring your inner you and using the gifts with which you have been endowed. I encourage you to follow your path where ever it may lead. All the best and much blessing!

  3. Love the blog. Look forward to reading about your journey. Bring lots and I mean lots of wet wipes. You’ll see why when you’re there. Lmao

  4. Funny you should say that. I went to get some the other day. They had a buy one get two free offer on. I did OK there. As if they knew I’d need all these extras you’re telling me about. Thanks for visiting the blog. I’m getting quite excited now!!

  5. I am the Cameroonian blogger who asked you why you were going to Cameroon. Incidentally, I go to your home page and find you’re on a psychic journey. OMG! Spooky because just this evening, my 21-months old who’s been acting funny lately just confirmed a presence in my home. Anyways, I will keep reading your blog and hopefully you’ll have a lovely time with my people. We’re called ‘Africa in miniature’ for good reason. Make sure you sample the food. It’s in abundance.

    • Hi prgoretti
      Please excuse me not replying before now. I have only just realised that you commented on the blog back in September. How are you with the presence? Are you finding a way to share your space happily?

      • Hi Predencia,

        Thanks for your reply. Happy New Year! I spoke to it and asked it to leave the space and saged the room. It seems to have worked. Kid is fine being there on his own now. Can I have your email address? I have some personal questions to ask.
        Thanks in advance.

      • I’m so pleased that you found a way back to peaceful living. I’d be happy to speak with you outside of this public forum but I’m not happy to put my personal email address on the blog. If you’re OK to give me an email address I will contact you.

  6. Hi Predencia. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. My name is Monique and I am currently in a 7 year. And from I understand about the # I am in a spiritual journey, and I would like someone of your knowledge and caliber to travel with me. A teacher if you will. I find that over the years, since the age 16, I have had premonitions, visions, mainly dealing with dead, I even had a vision of my brothers death prior to it happening. So, I hope that you can assist me in any way on my journey to spiritual enlightenment. God bless!

    • Hi Monique

      Thanks for dropping by. I was in a Year 7 last year. it was amazing. Your gift seems very interesting, and you appear to be finding a way to accommodate it into your life and to use it to guide you.

      I believe we’re all teachers and student in any interaction. I’d welcome working with you to share what we can with each other.

  7. I was reading your blog on dreams and was reminded of a dream that I’d had a week ago 1/27/14 that freaked me out. I have a history of having premonitions/visions, of the deceased, and I even dreamt about my brother getting killed weeks before it happened. Now the dream that I had week ago involved my late brother. In the dream, he told me that he’d stolen $250 and for me not to tell anyone, no sooner that he said that, I told someone, and I woke up as he began to beat me. At the time I was living with the father of my child, and the relationship was odd, I didn’t know what was going on with him. The dream felt like a premonition an omen, warning me and so I got out.

  8. I believe dreams are our subconscious communicating with us the things we are too busy to see in our conscious, busy and often noisy lives. Most people either don’t remember their dreams or dismiss them. You seem to be able to use yours to guide you in the physical conscious world. I keep a dream journal and sometimes look back at how accurately my dreams have guided me. Do you keep a journal?

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