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Writing Creatively With Spirit – 2 years on

Love is Not a Reward and accompanying Sourcebook

Love is Not a Reward and accompanying Source book

I can hardly believe how much my life has changed since I started writing this blog two years ago. Then, I was tentatively putting my toes in the psychic development water. Now, while not a master of any one gift, I have been making steady progress with mediumship and giving psychic messages using a variety of objects, from crystal balls to flowers, drawings to cards.

But it is in the area of Shamanic journeying that I feel I made the biggest strides. After completing a workshop in June 2013 (The Way of the Shaman) I’ve been journeying on a regular basis. At first it was for myself, to get guidance from my spirit guides. Then I began to tentatively journey on behalf of others. This is where I get my most accurate and consistent results, closely followed by my dreams. I’m now being guided to numerology, a deeper understanding of which will enhance the quality of my messages. It’s the section of this blog that gets the most hits, especially at this time of year.

I’ve been guided to what to write, when to write it, when to publish, the title of the books, and even what colours to put on the cover of Love is Not a Reward.

I set the blog up to share my journey in trying to determine whether my psychic development would affect my writing. It clearly has. It is also impacting massively on my personal and professional development.

In the last two years I’ve written and published two books Love is Not a Reward and an accompanying Sourcebook. I’ve written many thousands of words in this and other blogs, and I’ve just completed a play based on my trip to Cameroon – a trip directed by spirit.

I will be performing the play later this year. It’s called Madam Bonkiyung and I’m going to chart it’s progress in this blog under the separate heading Madam Bonkiyung. I hope you will continue to share the journey with me and to come and see me if you can when it is staged.

I’m also going to be writing a biography for a musician as well as contributing to an exhibition of art and poetry. Going to be a busy year, but hopefully as exciting and productive as 2014.