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A journey of psychic discovery

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2015-06-11 16.46.43

Practicing the masked dance for my play

2015 was an AWESOME year, despite being a year of challenges. In November 2014 I attended a numerology course and was told that I needed to go back to the period of my life between 18 and 27 years to clear up emotional issues if I didn’t want to carry them into my next 9 year cycle.

I began that work in earnest in January and was totally unprepared for the upheaval it would cause in my life. One issue was so intense that I experienced a panic attack for the first time in my life.

When I came out of it I marveled at how we can bury things so deeply that we forget that they are there… or we convince ourselves that such things no longer affect us. However, with the promise of a smoother path ahead I was prepared to dig deep, stir up the murky waters, open the doors on the demons and let them out. I was prepared to look them in the face and declare that I was no longer afraid of them.

I shed a lot of tears, and without the support and encouragement of my friends and ancestral spirit guides I would probably have given up.

In May, just when I thought I’d turned the corner I suddenly and medically inexplicitly lost most of the sight in my right. Again I leaned heavily on earthly and heavenly support and was carried on the love of both.

I knew that there had to be a reason, and as the medical profession had drawn a blank I looked to the spiritual realm. My diminished physical sight resulted in enhanced third eye vision and a deepening of my connection to spirit.

From the world of spirit solutions came effortlessly to issues I’d been battling with for years, and they were so elegantly presented that it took my breath away… and many of the people around me who had known of my struggles.

Despite the reduced sight I still managed to complete my play and perform extracts from it, (though it is yet to be performed in its entirety).

I took a fairy tale holiday to Barbados which included a 7 day cruise for my birthday around some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.  I built a log cabin at the bottom of my garden which is now the most amazing rehearsal, meditation, yoga, just-sit -and -be-quiet space.

2015-09-27 11.10.08

I’ve re-connected with my Reiki and have been reminded of the power of universal healing energy. I finally experienced and understood the difference between the real world and this illusory one, and found an inner peace that carried me through some of my most difficult moments.

I’ve spent time with friends and family, offered and received support, laughed a lot, loved and have been loved.

It was an AWESOME year. Looking forward to 2016. Hope to see more of you then.


Barbados dreams

Arrived in Barbados about 48 hours ago. Spent the night in Bathsheba by the beach. Had two dreams which I like an opinion on please.

Bathsheba, Barbados. Before the surfers arrive.

Bathsheba, Barbados. Before the surfers arrive.

Dream 1 – I looked out the window in my house in England. My swimming pool was being repaired (please note I do not have a pool in reality) It was the deepest pool I have ever seen, I couldn’t see the bottom of it. There were many bits of missing wall was was being repaired.

Dream 2 – I was in an underground city. Everything was normal for a city, except that it was underground. I was escorting a woman from her maternity appointment.

I was still jet-lagged but had only had one rum. Any ideas as to the meaning(s)?