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An evening with Gordon Smith

Sunday 23rd February 2014

From the excellence of Moon on a Rainbow Shawl I moved almost seamlessly to an amazing evening with Gordon Smith – psychic medium extraordinaire.

I was spellbound (excuse the pun) by his accuracy. None of my ancestors or dear departed friends wanted to speak to me, but it was a delight to witness this man deliver messages that prove the existence of a spirit world in such an entertaining way.

I left with renewed commitment to remembering my ancestors in my daily life. Check out Gordon Smith here, he may be in your area soon.

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Moon on a Rainbow Shawl

Sunday 23rd February 2014

Moon on a Rainbow Shawl

Moon on a Rainbow Shawl

I went to the matinee production of Moon on a Rainbow Shawl, a surprise gift from a friend. I had never heard of the play and was unprepared for the effect it would have on me.

Not surprising that it won the Observer New Play competition in 1957 and was staged the following year at the Royal Court Theatre in London. The story line is strong and the acting superb.

Set in post war Trinidad the play touches on the lives of a group of people living in a slum yard, and their desperate and often humorous attempts to find a way out.

Martina Laird was so realist as long suffering mother; wife and confidant Sophia Adams that I’m not afraid to admit that I wept open tears.

I was also weeping because I was witnessing more beginnings of absent fathers – a subject I’ve written about in my latest book Love is Not a Reward.

Moon on a Rainbow Shawl is finished in Birmingham now but is touring and can still be seen in Malvern, Watford, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath and Colchester.

Do yourself a favour and go see it.

It’s really given me the urge to begin my piece for the stage. After months of non-fiction writing I’m desperate to get back to the creative stuff.

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The quote at the start of this article has been the basis of my ancestral search. I was discussing this very issue with a friend yesterday. He does not know who his father is and doesn’t seem to understand how this lack of vital information could be hindering his progress.


“Whoever does not inform his children of his grandparents has destroyed his child, marred his descendants, and injured his offspring the day he dies. Whoever does not make use of his ancestry has muddled his reason………”     -King Steven Adebanji

Ancestry - King Steven Adebanji, Ehyeh Heru El Bey and Michael Miller. Ancestry – King Steven Adebanji, Ehyeh Heru El Bey and Michael Miller.

“Makinde my son how is your wife?”

“Mama she is fine” He had replied briefly, trying to keep the conversation brief and devoid of her usual questions. Arewa knew the meaning of the tone he used in replying her, an indication that he wasn’t in the mood to listen to any of her usual talk about coming home……

“I won’t keep you long my son, it’s just a dream that I had that I have to share with you. I had a dream that Karen and you came on vacation and she looked so happy. The only thing that made…

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Cameroon Update – Chicken Celebrations

Sunday 23rd February 2014

So, the last nails were hammered in and, as is traditional, the roofers have to be thrown a chicken to mark their achievement in bringing the building to this stage.

Last nails going in

Last nails going in

Fred throws the chicken up to the buiders

Fred throws the chicken up to the builders

They have to catch it and bring it down to be cooked and shared with everyone as part of the celebrations of the fact that the building has reached a definitive stage.

Nearly there

Nearly there

Safely caught - let the celebrations begin

Safely caught – let the celebrations begin

Fred sends his sincere gratitude to all who have helped to get the school to this stage. Wish I could have been there to share in the celebrations. Settled for a glass of wine instead.

While this is a significant achievement there is still much to do, but for now we can all give ourselves a pat on the back for getting this far.

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Cameroon Update – The end for the roof?

Friday 21st February 2014

Just a bit more to go on the roof

Just a bit more to go on the roof






Fred’s comments says it all.

Hello Predencia (Bongkiyung)

What a great move?. We got the money and did not get to the office. We passed straight through the building material shop and bought one and half bundle of zinc which is now completing the roof. It wonderfully appreciated and a surprise to many.

The roofs will be completed today and we will throw a Chicken up to the carpenter as a tradition before he would come down from the roof. This is a sort of celebrating an achievement of the roof being completed. The chicken will be eaten at the site. I am sending you the progress pictures and  will send to you the completed one later.

All filled in!!!

All filled in!!!

I am just very excited as I cannot wait until it is finished this afternoon before I get to you. You are really a star. God has given you a wonderful gift for fund raising. I cannot imagine that only three of you raised that huge sum of money. If you did not come to Cameroon who would have done this to us? God alone knows why he really directed you to SeReP.

I will use the other 5000frs to buy the ceiling to cover the veranda, as you can see from the stair way in front of the office. The one which you supported to be put into use last time. We really thank you so much for what you have done. I hope others will follow and get on with the ceiling, plastering, fitting of the windows and doors, painting and so.

The students will have to welcome you at the bus stop if you will be coming in November in the morning. May you really be blessed.


Cameroon update – The work goes on

Boy working outside the building soon he will be working inside

Boy working outside the building soon he will be working inside

Tuesday 19th February 2014

I’m very excited and bowled over by the way this project has touched people. I was able to send a donation of £450 to the SEREP (Self Reliance Promotors NGO) yesterday – thanks to some very generous donations. Thanks a million CH for stepping at the last minute.

I’m reliably informed by Fred the director that this should be sufficient to complete zincking the roof.

They will also be able to provide a kind of awning that will protect the roof from gusts of winds which could take the zinc off from underneath. (I am no builder but some of you may understand what I’m trying to say).

I was able to speak briefly to one of the pupils at the school. She said they’re very excited by the progress. Soon there will be no risk of the rain coming into their classrooms.

It’s not time to break out the champagne yet, but I did have a wee glass of wine. Thanks again to all who are supporting this project.


Birmingham shamanic group

2014-02-14 04.56.22Having looked for and not found a shamanic group in Birmingham, I decided to start one. We’ve had one meeting so far with voice, drums and journeying. It was very healing.

There were 3 of us. Our next meeting on February 25th will have a 25% increase in participants. Yes, there will be 4 of us.

The format is that I do a little teaching session on the principles of shamanism followed by the experiential work. Last time I looked at the place and purpose of ritual.

From small acorns great oaks grow. Watch this space. Let me know if you’re interested in joining us.


Cameroon update – Nearly there with the roof

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post these pictures that Fred, the director of SEREP (Self Reliance Promoters NGO) sent me a couple of weeks ago. The progress has been very rapid, but they need another £350 to finish the roof. It would be great to achieve that before the rainy season returns.

Shiney new roof

Shiney new roof

Hei Predencia,
It is my pleasure to update you again.  You can now see that the upper front has been roofed and then part of the upper back part almost half way gone.  
Only a bit more to go

Only a bit more to go

Yesterday we had a staff social and send off for Niki and I passed your greetings and all what you have done to make the roofing go up to this level. They were all happy and send you greetings to extend their appreciation to the donors.
Your efforts has given us a lot of hope and bright future for this project.
As soon as we get more zinc to continue, I will still get back to you with the progress.
Yours sincere.
Wirkom Fred

Please let me know if you would like to contribute to this phase. To nick a well know supermarket’s phrase… every little helps.

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TickIT Launch


On Wednesday I braved the cold and wind to attend the launch of a new organisation called TickIT. It’s been set up to educate people from African Caribbean backgrounds on the important of voting. I learned that even if you don’t like anyone of the candidates you can write ‘none of the above’ on your ballot paper. It shows you’re willing to participate in the process but can’t find anyone to vote for.

From June of this year you will no longer be automatically registered to vote. You have to opt in. I didn’t know this. Did you?

I was also reminded that the democratic process continues whether or not I engage with it. It means fewer and fewer people are electing our politicians who represent all of us. Or rather in the case of the African Caribbean community – don’t represent us well enough.

After a few years…

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