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Henry Morgan and the Oversoul


Thursday June 27th 2013

There’s a line in a Bob Marley song that says ‘Don’t forget your history. Know your destiny.’ (From the song Rat Race).

Sunset in the Caribbean

Sunset in the Caribbean

Evidently spirit thinks I’ve forgotten mine and seem to be setting out to remind me. It’s beginning to feel like my connection with spirit is one big history lesson.

I was at a meeting on Monday night and drifted into a conversation with my grandmother. Remembering Greg’s and Cain’s advice to ask our guides to reveal as much information about themselves as possible I said, ‘Come on Grandma, why don’t you show me your face?’ Strange though it may seem I’ve never seen a photo of my grandmother, and never met her in person as she died way before I was born.

I sat and waited. Nothing happened. I softened my gaze and looked into the glass panel of the door facing me. Nothing. I gazed a bit more. Gradually the profile of a face appeared.

Well, as you can imagine, I was fascinated. It became clearer the more I looked. It was a strong face with what appeared to be a mass of curly hair. The eye (remember I’m seeing it in profile) was deep-set, and the was chin long and curved. But it was the nose that surprised me. It was large and quite straight. Throughout the night I looked up and it was still there.

I wanted to call my friend when I got home to let her know what had happened, but I received a text that a colleague had committed suicide and felt the need to speak to the person who’d sent it to me instead. As A Course In Miracles practitioners we both agreed that he could now find the peace he found it so hard to recognise here. I went to bed still excited.

On Tuesday I went to buy some sage and incense sticks and got chatting to the woman in the shop who’s very spiritual. I told her of my plans to go to Cameroon.

‘Remember to speak to the oversoul of the place when you get there,’ she advised.

‘The over what?’ I asked.

‘The oversoul,’ she repeated. ‘Every place has an energy that takes responsibility for the well-being of the place, from the highest mountain to the tiniest flower. When you go anywhere new, it’s a good idea to ask the oversoul how you can be of help, and also what you can learn from the place.’

Caribbean sunset

Caribbean sunset

Well, (must stop using so many wells) I was intrigued. I’d never heard of this before, and was even more interested when she said that sometimes oversouls use willing individuals to put them in touch with the oversouls of other places that they’ve visited.

‘Can the oversoul contact you before you get there?’ I wondered, as it does feel that Cameroon called me, and that in some way I’m being asked to take something from Cameroon to Jamaica. Maybe I’m being asked to put the oversouls back in touch with each other?

‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘especially if you put out the message that you want to help. Go with the mind that you’re bringing them something, and that you’ll receive something, and you can’t go wrong.’

That night I did some more research the Maroons in Clarendon. I figured it would be helpful to know a bit more about the history of Jamaica before I go to Cameroon for two reasons.

  1. If I’m asked about my birthplace I won’t appear totally ignorant.
  2. To see more clearly what it is I need to take from Cameroon to Jamaica.

I found that one of the first and biggest uprising of slaves happened in Clarendon, and that Henry Morgan, a British Governor was based there.

That’s when I remembered that my grandmother’s maiden name was Morgan, so I looked up Henry and WOW! The face in the glass was his – the curly hair – the straight nose – the long chin.

Of course I wanted to know more about the man, his Welsh origins and his buccaneering.

I really am fascinated by this process, and although I’m not sure where its leading me I’m prepared to trust it.

I’ve looked into the oversoul. The only references I’ve found are to an online game and to an essay of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Have you ever heard of the oversoul in this context? Would love to know if you have and what you make of it.

Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

2 thoughts on “Henry Morgan and the Oversoul

  1. Hey Predencia, Both the Native peoples of the UK and the Japanese Shinto Faith have something similar, every place has a spirit residing there, So in expanding this there is likely to be an “Oversoul” of the country/large area as well.

  2. Thanks for this. Another bit of the universal jig saw.

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