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Poetry performance – The Guide


June 15th 2013

I’m a member of the writers group Writers Without Borders and was persuaded to perform at the Celebrating Sanctuary event today. Celebrating Sanctuary is an event held as part of Refugee week each year in June.

This poem is one that I wrote virtually in my sleep. I’d write a verse and try to get back to sleep, then another verse, and another would come until the poem was finished. I then slept soundly. Now I understand that it was probably a spirit dictated one.

I haven’t written much poetry recently. I find it quite difficult to write poetry when my head is in prose. Does anyone else find this? Is this literary inability to multi-task?

Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

5 thoughts on “Poetry performance – The Guide

  1. I used to write, lyrics to songs, but most if not all were from what I was feeling at any given time. I could be in the bath and suddenly a verse or a couple of lines would come to me, so out I would jump, not being able to see without my glasses very well, and scrawl out the words onto anything that was handy. Quite a few times as soon as I had written those lines out, more would come to me. It was only later that I realized that it may have been Divine in Nature, helping me realize what was causing me trouble at that time.

    I am so glad that you are doing so well, and I wish you all the luck and Blessings on your trip.

    • Its always good to hear from you. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how some of the things we see as a curse turn out to be a blessing in the end. Interesting for me too that I didn’t consider my poetry as Divinely channeled.

      Doing this spiritual development is opening my eyes to what has always been there but so much of which I’d missed or mistaken.

      I’ve had such a good response from ‘The Guide’ that I’ve decided to put a few more of my poems on the site. Hope you’ll find some of them interesting and maybe even like one or two.

      Do you still write poetry? I had a go at writing haiku a few weeks ago. It’s a form to consider when there isn’t much time or space.

      • I found that if you are not looking for a reason, you will never know the Question, I was not looking for a connection for years, many years, but it just came to me, but once I started opening up my mind to other messages then the Question “where is this coming from” was answered with the why as well. I live this way of doing things, everything and anything could be a message either to me or for me to write down for someone else. It must be much like your Spiritual Development.

        I will check out your Verse, it is always nice to read.

        No, I stopped myself, I blocked the flow on purpose, turned off the tap so to speak. I had to. I can barley write without is killing my hand and I can no longer pick or strum my guitar. My right hand it screwed totally, and my left has its moments.

        How are you getting on with Haiku?

  2. That is outstanding Predencia – beautifully acted and thank goodness it’s just acting because it’s very convincing!!

  3. Thanks Lizzie. I’m glad you were convinced. Someone suggested that there should be a male reply to this poem. I told him John Lennon did a great one call Jealous Guy, with a brilliant cover version by Brian Ferry.

    So many women (people) are controlled by violence, and so many are made to believe its their own fault, that somehow something is wrong with them. The tragedy is when that belief becomes so debilitating that they even lose the will to leave, to find something else.

    I don’t want to set off on one of my rants, but we live in a country where we can still perform violence on children and call it discipline, yet we wonder why men (mainly) learn to control other with violence, and why women (mainly) learn to accept it.

    If the reality of this poem is to become a thing of the past we need to begin at grassroots. Stop hitting children and calling it discipline.

    It was great to see you on Monday – as usual.

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