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Countdown to Cameroon – 10 days to go – Project wish list

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Sunday 8th September 2013

An idea lives on

An idea lives on

I got the wish list from the project coordinator today. I wish I’d received it earlier. There are lots of school materials needed including stationary and computer software and hardware.  I know quite a few teachers whose schools had clear outs at the end of last term. AAGGGG!

I know its short notice but if you have anything from the list, live near me and would like to make a small donation I’d be happy to have it.






Computers (PCs and laptops) There are not enough computers available each of the staff and volunteers to use.  By having more computers, this would greatly boost office productivity.  Please only consider this if you have a spare, new or old lap top that can be donated to SEREP.  We can send it to our partners for any volunteer coming out to bring it or them to us.  This removes postages costs.
Computer Monitors We do not have enough monitors to match the number of CPUs that we have.  Therefore any PC monitors (preferably flatscreens) would be most useful, as they are very expensive in Cameroon.
Keyboards Some of our keyboards are outdated, with broken and or missing keys.  Therefore new keyboards would be most appreciated.
Computer Mice The computer mice we use are very old and fragile.  New computer mice (preferably laser) would be less susceptible to damage.
Blank CDs These are useful for additional storage space, and can generate income to cover operation costs.
CD pens These pens are vital for day to day office use.  We have a very limited stock of these, and they are extremely difficult to purchase here.  THIS IS SOMETHING SEREP URGENTLY NEEDS.
Computer Software


 For use in the NGO’s CYBER Café and for training of the orphaned and vulnerable children.  We would greatly appreciate educational software which can be used to help teach our many students.  This may include encyclopaedias, educational games, management programmes and other advanced computer software to name a few.


We also greatly appreciate antiviral software.  Computer viruses have proved a big problem, damaging previously donated hardware, and diverting financial resources away from our other projects.  THIS IS SOMETHING SEREP URGENTLY NEEDS.


If you have particular software in mind and are unsure about it usefulness, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Printer cartridges for HP deskjet D1560 and F2280

 Photosmart printer catridges for the above printers. 


For desktjet 15560

21 c935a Black

Colour 22

Universal refill

Can be useful



We currently have Three printers in  the office, which cover in-house operations and the cyber café.  As a result, ink has become a precious resource, and proves to be extremely expensive in Cameroon.  We understand that compatible cartridges are much cheaper in Europe.  These can be found from retailers such as www.cartridgeworld.co.uk.  We would also appreciate ink cartridge refill kits, as this allows us to re-use existing cartridges, and to possibly generate income from offering the service to other people.

We really have a lot of difficulties with printing ink as it is very very expensive.   Acquiring even empty new catridges for these printers to be refilled using the universal refill ink is still very much appreciated.  (more information on request)

Printers The printers that we have at the office, are out-of date and very expensive to run.  We would greatly appreciate a new printer with scanning and photocopying facilities.  Such printers are difficult and expensive to source in Cameroon.  These printers would also be cheaper to run, cutting down costs.  Our research indicates that Epson Stylus and Officejet printers tend to be economical in terms of purchase costs, ink costs and longevity. Of course any good printer is appreciated.
External Hardrives An external hardrive would prove a useful piece of equipment to store all of the data in the office, freeing up computer space, and USB flash drives for other purposes.


Cardboard Folders For safe storage of documentation.
Plastic wallets Help easy identification of documents
USB / Pen drives These are also difficult to get hold of in the area, and the organization are only using ones previously brought by volunteers. We need USB, Pen drives etc.
Printer paper and photo printing papers We offer a printing and photocopying service to locals, this brings in a

small income for the NGO.  We have a photosmart printer which can print photos.  Volunteers would not more pay to print local pictures while Cameroon in THIS IS SOMETHING SEREP URGENETLY


General office Stationary We also appreciate any general office stationary you are able to bring with you or donate.  Such products are very expensive in Cameroon, and usually faulty.  This will help to keep expenditure down, and ensure that more revenue is directed towards our projects
Paper transfer This is used for printing staff and student uniform and workshops et c.
Tracing paper We use this for preparing stencils for screen printing.


School Stationary Any stationary for the school is welcome for example; books, colouring pencils and colouring pens, as well as normal pens and pencils.  Many of children are unable to afford such necessities, and are always extremely grateful of any gifts that SEREP or its partners are able to provide
Exercise Books Exercise books are vital for any child in our schools, and we are always in need of these to help support our orphans and vulnerable students.
Educational Books In Cameroon, books are considered a luxury, with many adults and children unable to access them.  Any books, either fiction or non-fiction are greatly welcomed.  We would also appreciate educational textbooks for our school, books on English language and grammar, as well as classic English literature books. Books thatcan facilitate learning.

Any general stationary you can get your hands on  post it’s. or you can come along with  i.e. staplers, cello tapes etc. Additional stationary like these are difficult to get hold of in the local area, although can easily be bought with volunteers as they arrive.


Finally the lone Digital Camera for the NGO got bad. Any second hand or new Camera can be very useful.


We also appreciate any other gifts of your choice which might have not been mentioned here.  If you have any questions about items you would like to bring, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


The charity would also greatly appreciate any financial donations, which can be put towards our local community projects.  We realise that many items on the wish list are expensive to fund individually.  Therefore, depending on the item, SEREP may be willing to partially contribute to the cost of these items, if a volunteer is able to bring it with them.  This may only be possible if we are given notice well in advance of purchase and transportation.  Alternatively if you are able to fundraise towards one of these items we would be most grateful.

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