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Countdown to Cameroon – 9 days to go – All my bags are packed

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Monday 9th September 2013

Yes, would you believe I’m more or less packed? I wanted to see whether all the things I have to take would fit into my large suitcase, and whether there would be any room left for any donations from the wish list.

Me and the bee

Me and the bee

I found quite a few things in my loft that were suitable. I’m so pleased I didn’t throw out the photographic printer paper when I did my clearout a few months. And there was a stationary box that’s been there for about eight years now. Amazingly the elastic bands are still as strong as they were back then, and the staplers and staples still looks brand new. I even had branded Selotape.

Alas, the 60 pens I found don’t seem to be working. I’ve propped them on the radiator to see whether warming them up will make the ink flow. It’s been a few hours now and nothing seem to be happening. Any ideas on how to encourage ink flow in reluctant pens?

I ventured out to buy a couple of printer cartridges but got stumped when the guy in the shop asked me what region the printer was bought in, as there are, apparently, different zones for cartridges. I could only hazard a guess that as the project directed us to a UK website that it was OK to buy Europe based cartridges. So many things to learn!

And did everything fit? No, of course not! At least not in the one suitcase I was hoping to take. I’ve started a small one which currently still has space. Although my allowance is 46kgs spread across 2 bags, I’m hoping to not have to carry that much. Still, it depends on donations.

I went to A Course in Miracles (ACIM) study group tonight. I was asked to tell my story of how I discovered/remembered my purpose. When I mentioned that it entailed working with men and boys, and that I’d been working with a few pastors who may well be in a position to positively influence others, one of the group said he’d been doing a lot of that work and would like to get into it again. This is happening so much now. I got a surprise ‘happy birthday’ sung to me because I’m going to be away on my birthday.

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