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Countdown to Cameroon – 12 days to go – Calling Cameroon

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Friday 6th September 2013

Cameroon High Commission - London

Cameroon High Commission – London

I ditched an opportunity to work-out at the gym today in favour of getting my eyes tested, and ordering another pair of glasses to replace the three that I’ve lost.

After the usual battery of tests, with a fair degree of explanations as to what she was testing for, the optician asked ‘is there anything you want to ask me?’

‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘Has anyone ever reversed their deteriorating eyesight back to 20/20 vision?’

She looked a bit puzzled for a moment then gave me a mini lecture on the effectiveness of laser treatment to correct long sightedness. ‘But everyone over 40 will eventually need reading glasses. It’s inevitable.’

‘Only because someone has not yet found a way to do it.’ I said.

‘Really?’ her look said.

‘You know, a bit like when everyone thought the world was flat – then someone pointed out it was round and everyone had to rethink their certainties. Or like the four-minute mile. It couldn’t be done till it could.’

‘Well, that would be interesting,’ she said with that ‘I only come here to test eyes, not to engage in philosophical discussions,’ tone.

I wonder if that’s why she forgot to do my field test. Maybe she couldn’t wait to hand me over to the sales assistant quickly enough – to relieve me of my pounds. Could be she knew the cost of the lens would soon silence me.

Anyway, back to Cameroon and my preparations for the journey. Today I tried to call the project coordinator to introduce myself and to ask what would be helpful to bring with me as a gift for the project.

After many attempts I got through to his mobile – which was switched off. Maybe the email I sent instead will meet with better luck.

Yesterday I read a blog by a previous volunteer. Africa-in-Miniature. She was there this time last year. The account of her experiences was very enlightening. I’m beginning to feel a little excited now.

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