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Graveyards and pigeons


2002-01-01 00.00.00-1386Still on a high from the conference I went to sleep, only to be woken with the words ‘West Brompton.’ I heard it twice before getting up and writing it down. I’ve learned that once the voice speaks it carries on till I act. Some of my best poems were dictated this way, one verse at a time. Only when it was all written could I sleep.

During the dream Gary Ranard (author of The Disappearance of the Universe) came into my room and told me that I needed to do more exercises and meditation to keep my heart open. He didn’t say what, so if you know of any good exercises of meditation I’d love to hear from you.

As I did my morning meditation it was as though the pigeons from outside were trying to get into my window, they made such a racket – I’ve never known them like it.

Anyway, I checked out West Bromption. The only thing of note there is the famous Bromton Cemetery where a number of very well known people are buried, including two Native Americans from the Oglala Sioux group. Names – ‘Surrounded by the Enemy’ and ‘Red Penny.’

It’s also rumoured that the children’s author Beatrix Potter got a lot of the names of her animal characters from the gravestones in the cemetery.

I’m trying to makes some links here. Is this about shamanism? Am I to trawl the gravestones for names for my characters? Or is this about ancestry work? I wish they’d be a bit more explicit with the messages.

Apparently pigeons are to do with getting news in an unusual way. Unless of course you know different. Any thoughts on any of the above will be welcomed, (as always).

Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

9 thoughts on “Graveyards and pigeons

  1. Maybe it is to meet someone there, and maybe not even physical either. There are a few around who maybe able to offer advice on meditation, Elfkat knows what She is talking about. I never have had much luck with that, now even less, but others on here will be able to help.

    Walk in Faith and Balance


  2. Also Garden Gypsy is a fellow Shaman and Taoist, so have a chat with her. You may find my starters pages a little useful.

    One final thing, If I may. Pigeons, you think are bringers of unusual messages. Please do not take this the wrong way, but within Shamanism every animal speaks to every Shaman differently, what is right for my animals maybe wrong to you. For you Pigeons DO bring and are messengers. Take it as a gift from the Great Spirit.

    • Got a very unusual message in an unusual way the next day. Thankfully it was a lovely surprise and I really enjoyed it.

      I’ve had a quick glance at Garden Gypsy and will check out your starters pages. Will let you know what I think.

  3. I went to our local grave yard at a church on the high street, but didn’t meet anyone or sensed anything unusual. I’d never been there before and was surprised how peaceful it was. It was one of those rare bright, warm, sunshine days. Truth be told I’d always been a little scared of graveyards. Maybe next time I go to London I’ll go and visit Brompton Cemetery.

    I looked up Elfkat as you suggested. Couldn’t find anything of help there but loved the blog.

  4. Cool about the Message, and ’tis good that it was a lovely surprise. I thought you were US, not UK, top cool about that.

    I love going to Old graveyards, there was/is an old one in Chelmsford, been years since I lived there. It was so nice there, and once in, all of the noise from the road died away. It was no longer used and parts were overgrown, which added to the feel.

    Graveyards are the safest place to be, because everybody is dead ;). You can really feel the energy at Halloween, but until you get comfortable I would not do it. If you ask Elfkat for help regarding the meditation, She may well help you out, or if you want I can ask her.

    There is a reason you need to go to Brompton Cemetery, that will be made clear, but it could be on the journey there or while there, or the journey home. Sometimes the messages come thick and fast, sometimes a drought. A sudden appearance of, I do not know, a mouse, or Squirrel or maybe even an Owl. A dropped feather here, an unusual stone there. Thoughts arriving straight into your brain, or my favorite, while dreaming.

    Last night I dreamed that Crows were building a nest in the Buddelia, and I could see into the nest from the landing window. Even Greebo was watching them. For me Crows symbolize Morrigan, The Dark Queen. They are messengers from Her.

    Oh and Welcome to you on starting your Path, enjoy the Journey.


  5. I get a lot of stuff in dreams, even started a separate category in the blog for dreams because they were (and still are) coming in so thick and fast. Some mornings I wake up feeling that my whole night has been active. Last night was one of them. Most times the dreams make sense, but when they don’t I post them on the blog and ask for help.

    Last night I dreamed about mirrors being shattered, and bars and shops being left unattended. To me that signified that the things I thought valuable are no longer so and that the image I had of myself is being shattered.

    There were lots more about looking at things in a different way. The one I didn’t quite get was the one about all the bread. I was in a big room where a lot of people were making all kinds of different breads. Today I got the ‘abundance’ card. I think the bread probably means abundance – what do you think?

    Based on what you’ve said I think I’ll make a trip to Brompton Cemetery soon. You seem very comfortable with the whole spirit thing. How long have you been at it? I see a lot of crows, and when I was in Wales a few weeks ago, they were everywhere. And owls squirrels and rabbits. I’ve been meaning to write up that week away but so much else keeps coming at me.

    I’m really grateful for the time you’ve taken to talk to me. The lady who did the aura reading said I needed to get more sleep. But when I get more sleep I just get more dreams. I feel overloaded sometimes. How do you pace yourself?

  6. I will have a look see at your dreams, and let you know. Hmm, bread = abundance, you could be right in the context of your dream, a lot of bread being made. It does stand to reason. But the question is Abundance of what? Sit quietly and think of nothing but that question, you may get the answer. Also, just popped into my brain, Bread = food for Pigeons, lots of bread = lots of Pigeons. Pigeons = messengers for you = lots of messages for you. Sorry ramble, that is how it happens sometimes for me, but all in the space of a second.

    I would go just to see what happens, eyes and mind wide open always, you never know when, where, or what. I classed myself as “Pagan” in ’87, when I was 17, but before that when I was about 13 I populated the local wood with Elves and spirits, before I even knew about being pagan or even what it was. Scattered throughout my pages and blogs are various examples of experiences I have had, like catching a train to Stoke to go see a band call Lovecraft (based in N London). I did not know the pub, nor where it was, but I was guided there. Never been to Stoke before, and never will again. I have Kaskai Spirit Guard or Power Animal. She is a Cougar and I am her Cub, She guides and shows. I also have Andi a Native Irish Spirit lass with Stark white hair, like lightning. She Guides and calms me. She saved me from being crushed by a massive truck while I was out walking down a country road. My Gods, I started to really believe in them around ’94. But from what I now know, they were watching my funblings all my life, letting me go this way and that, light and dark, and then almost black. But it all lead me to the point I am at now. Balanced, Truly Balanced.

    You should write up that week, and when you post it add tags like Pagan, Witch, Witchcraft, others may well find your blog then. You never have to thank me for the chat, I am guided where I am, I walk with who I find for a while teaching and learning, which we all do, and then drift off, but now it is not like 20 years ago, I am now always here until Morrigan takes me for judgement.

    You may not need more sleep, just more rest. Putting it is normal terms, your mind has been opened like a tap at full blast, you just need to turn down the flow methinks, Just ask. Sit quite and still and calm and think about the tap, and just turn it down to a trickle. I have a visualization block, but I would ask Cear for help, or Mother Danu Herself. I do not pace myself, they know how much I can deal with at any given time. It is just setting up limits to start, you can always turn the tap on faster at a later date. Just ask the Great Spirit for help because you can not cope with everything right now.

  7. Thanks for the biog Dave. You know much, and it shows in your blog.

    I think the abundance of messages makes sense. I had eight dreams that I can remember last night, and I know there were many more I couldn’t recall.

    I like the idea of turning the flow down. I talked to a friend last night who is a medium. She said at the start spirit are so happy that we’ve showed up and agreed to help that they will try and use us as much as possible. She agreed with getting more rest and setting boundaries. Like you, she said spirit know how not to overload her anymore.

    I’m going to try the more rest less sleep idea and see how I get on. I know you said no need for thanks, but I just want you to know that you have been incredibly helpful. I long to reach your place of balance.

  8. Balance, it depends all on how screwed up your life has been and how much you hang on to the hateful past. It took me 20 years or so to reach this place where I am now, but it was only after forgiving and accepting myself for who and what I am, have done, was done, did a major change occur for me. You may well reach the same place a lot quicker, balancing the energy within you.

    But while I am Balanced, I am also Balanced, Light and Dark. putting it Christian terms, good and evil co-exist within me. And while I am grumpy and pissed off most of the time, I do give of myself more than most, and give more than most want, depending how they pissed me off or need my help. Everything in Balance, which is why I called it Faith in Balance.

    But these days I help a lot sending healing out, or a few quid to tide over or similar stuff, but I have not had to use the Dark side for awhile. I protect me and mine, (including those whom I class as friends). But I have not had to do that for awhile. Last time I was going to, I was told not to, because Karma will get them anyway. Still waiting for Karma.

    Give Spirit notice that you can not cope, and you need rest, they should give you that. it is their own interest to do so, we are no use to them half dead from lack of restful sleep.

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