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Session 5 – Horse and carriage meditation


January 17th 2013 (Thursday)

Its eleven o’clock and I should be getting into bed but I need to write this down in case I forget it by tomorrow.

Funny how life works out. I took another friend along with me to the Thursday circle tonight. He’s someone who’s been puzzled by why he’s able to see things before they happen. Not way ahead of time, but instantly, just before they happen. I saw him in the afternoon and he told me about chatting to a young woman who mentioned that she had a child. As he asked, ‘Boy or girl,’ he instantly saw a little boy and the number four flashed into his head. Yet he was still amazed when she said, ‘I have a four-year-old son.’

‘You should come to circle some time,’ I said (yes, I know I used the ‘should’ word but it seemed fitting) looking over the rim of my cup.

‘When are they?’ he asked, and I could see the shutters coming down.

‘Thursday nights and Monday afternoons,’ I replied, still eyeing him over the cup’s rim.

‘That’s tonight,’ he said, and I braced myself for the excuses.

‘OK, I’ll come,’ he said, as if the shutters had been unexpectedly yanked up.

‘Great!’ I spluttered, almost choking on the mouthful I was attempting to swallow, ‘Great.’

            I was still doubtful as to whether he’d make it, but he came to pick me us and we arrived, despite the snow, at Oak House with enough time to introduce him to a few of the others before the session began.

            I noted again the difference in the two groups. It was the newer members of the group who spoke to us, while the more established members spoke amongst themselves. It almost feels like a closed group that have a few new people come along from time to time, and tonight there were two, my friend and woman. Greg, the facilitaror, welcomed them, but unlike the Monday group they didn’t have an opportunity to say more than their names.

            We went straight into the opening meditation, which was a healing one and required us to call on our guides to heal any health issues in our body. We had to visualise white healing light coming down through the tops of our heads and working it way through our bodies with extra focus on where the issue was, and ask our healing guide to touch and heal that part of us.

            As I drifted into the meditation I felt a very strong presence behind me and the name Archangel Michael popped into my head. I immediately questioned the validity of such a presence – I always think I’ve made it up based on knowledge. And yet, if I was thinking logically then it should have been Archangel Raphael – he’s the healer. Anyway, I couldn’t get Archangel Michael down to my ankle; he seemed more interested in massaging my forehead.

            When I mentioned Archangel Michael during the feedback Greg and a few of the others smiled.

            ‘Archangel Michael is a regular visitor here,’ Greg smiled benevolently, and said if my forehead was being massaged that’s where the healing was required.

            There is a code within the groups that requires us to keep other members issues within the group, except with there permission to share, so I can only report here that it turned out (as I’d suspected for some time and he had known) that my friend is highly sensitive, and that he was now in a place where it was safe for him to explore this part of him, something he’d been running away from for a long time.

            The second meditation required us to take a journey down a country lane. (I think Greg’s guides have a thing about paths.) Anyway tonight we were told what kind of path, and a split second before he said it I saw a country path with high hedges that I couldn’t see over.

We had to take a journey along the path. After a while a horse and carriage came towards us. We had to get on it and travel till we came to openings on both the left and the right of the hedge. We had to take note of what was through the openings. Someone would come to the gate of the openings and say something to us which we had to remember. The carriage then moved on to an open field at the end of the path and someone was also waiting there for us. We had to ask ‘which path shall I take from here?’ and remember the answer. There the meditation ended.

As I began walking along the path a flock of yellow butterflies flew across my face, from left to right. ‘In the distance,’ Greg had said, ‘there a horse and carriage coming toward you, as it pulls up see if there’s anyone in it? If there is, do they ask you to join them? If not you feel compelled to get in the carriage.’

I saw an ordinary horse and trap (some people saw very ornate carriages) with an elderly gentleman of about fifty, tall and straight-backed who moved over and offered me the reins. I took them reluctantly, and he sat beside me not talking or offering me any advice on what to do. He was pleasant, and it felt comfortable but there was not instruction. Instead of turning the carriage around we kept going forward, back from where I’d just come.

Through the gap on the left there was a fun-fair, a little blonde haired blue eyed boy cam to the gate and told me that the merry-go-round was going too fast.

Through the gap on the right was a house with a river running in front of it. A small farmer looking man came to the gate and told me to pull the reins in a little more. It will help the horse to go straighter.

At the end of the path at the gate that opened out onto a field was a woman of about sixty dressed like an older version of the woman in the Scottish Widow adverts, black cloak with hood. She sat on a small bench and as I sat beside her she began to get younger and younger. She told me that I didn’t need anyone to tell me which path to take, that I already knew, but that she would be with me whichever path I took.

There were a couple of lengthy interpretations, as one member had had a very strong experience and needed some reassurance and healing, and another also had an intense experience. One person said he hadn’t taken the journey as the rush of energy that came in was too intense.

By the time he got to me it was already 9.20 p.m. and we’re scheduled to finish at 9.30 p.m., and as the central heating had gone off at 9.00 p.m. and most of us knew the cold we were feeling had more to do with the lack of heating than the presence of spirit, I tried to make it as brief as possible. I ended by saying that I felt very tearful from about halfway through the meditation. He asked me if I understood the message of the journey. I said yes, but not the tearfulness. He said ‘good’ and moved on to the next person.

I had hoped he would give me his interpretation of the journey and the messages I’d received from the people I met, just to see if they matched with my own. My interpretation was that this meditation linked to a reading I had in 2006 when I was told that I would have to go back into the past to bring something into the present. That was the significance of the carriage going back and the woman getting younger. The messages from the gaps related more to my current issues of needing to slow down, get off the merry go round, pull the reins in a bit.

I don’t think I’m all that good at interpreting meditation or dreams, not yet proficient with symbols and meaning. I rely heavily on a friend for this, but she may need a rest from me as I’m doing these meditations twice a week. So… if anyone out there has a better explanation for what this could mean I’m happy to hear it.

Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

2 thoughts on “Session 5 – Horse and carriage meditation

  1. Hi Predencia,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Horse and Carriage meditation experience. I started out a number of years on my Spiritual journey and it is still unfolding everyday. I would not want to be without my sense of spirituality for one second – it is beautiful in every sense of the word. However, there are moments that we do doubt and fear and think what the heck am I doing but you know what, a little something will come along and reassure you that you are on the right path. It may be just a very small thing like on a summer’s day a butterfly appears from no where and settles beside you – how beautiful is that! And you get an overwhelming sense of self and all the beauty in life. If it feels right for you – there is your answer. And by the way, you have all ready interpreted the dream yourself and it sounds spot on to me:)

    Peace. Love. Light.


    • Hi Janet
      Thanks so much for connecting. You’ve expressed so well the small signs and omens that propel us on this journey. Yes, I’ve often doubted, even this blog is a big risk, but I feel it wil provide support for me and anyone else wanting to ‘come out’. Great to know there are like-minded people out there. Please stay in touch.
      Predencia xx

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