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Session 4 – Working with colours

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January 14th 2013 (Monday)

PICT1227aAs usual I was really looking forward to today’s session. Not as much as my friend though, who turned up early to call for me while I was still trying to post a blog about my experiences at the Living With Intention lecture with Lynne McTaggert on Friday night.

            The welcome at Oak Centre was warm, as was the house, and it had been a pleasure to listen to my friend talk about how much he’d enjoyed Friday night, and how amazed he was by his accuracy with telepathy.

            The room was arranged differently (table at opposite end of the room) so we were facing away from the window. It all became clear when Mary brought out a large candle, a bubbling one, a bit like a lava lamp but with much smaller and friskier bubbles. Powered by batteries it changed colours through the rainbow spectrum and also included white. It was going to form part of our first meditation, hence being out of the direct sunlight.

            ‘Any interesting experiences with spirits last week?’ Mary enquired after our opening prayer, performed by one of the members.

            We all shared things that were significant for us. For me and my friend it was the telepathy and healing of the previous Friday with Lynne McTaggert Mary then suggested we meditate by focusing on the candle, opening our eyes to begin with, but closing them if it became more comfortable or appropriate to do so.

            Most times my meditations make some sort of sense to me, but this one neither made sense to me, or to the others.

            In the bubbles I saw an explosion. I kept telling myself that I was overlaying my own thoughts onto the candle because the bubbles were quite explosive at times. As I closed my eyes I felt a sensation like cobwebs had been dropped onto my face and tried to wipe them away. When I settled again I became aware of pain in my hands, from wrists down which intensified as I focused on them. In my head I had the thought that a soldier had been trying to diffuse a device and his hands had been blown off.

            Once that thought occurred to me – again an odd one which I couldn’t imagine why I was thinking it – I felt a tightening in my chest, mildly painful, but not as painful as my hands. When we came out of the meditation all painful sensations left my body.

            I was surprised during the feedback at what pleasant experiences the other had had. Mary apologised that I’d had such and unpleasant time, and said it was probably a soldier who just wanted to share his pain and I’d made myself available on an energetic level to do that for him.

            Our second activity was giving messages using colours. Mary supplied us with swatches of coloured ribbon in many shades of the rainbow. Working in pairs each person had to choose three colours and the other had to pass on a message relating to each colour or the three as a whole. We used crystals to decide who would work with whom, and would you believe, me and my friend were working together again.

            I really had to work hard to move my self out of the way and allow spirit to talk because of our friendship, and the fact that I know a fair bit about colours and the meanings and energy of each one. Thankfully we don’t know each other so well for him not to get meaningful messages from spirit.

            We were waiting for Mary to tell us when to switch over, so consequently when she called the session to an end he’d not had an opportunity to practice using the colours.

            If anyone out there can shed any more light on the meaning of my soldier meditation I’d be more than grateful to receive your comments.           

Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

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