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Five dogs and a wolf

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I’m walking down the road with my friend Petra, a walk that I suggested to get out of the house when the black dog from Oak House comes bounding up to me. He jumps up and down on his hind legs and barks happily at me. I’m still a little wary of dogs but allow him to get close, but move my hands out of his way. His owner, Mary from Oak House calls him away.
As I continue walking with Petra the same dog does the same thing again, only this time he’s joined by two others, a white one and a beige coloured one. They surround me, all yelping and happy until the owner catches up with them, out of breath and scolding them. As I try to avoid bumping into them I drop my purse and phone by a big pile of dog poo. Fortunately neither touches it. Mary walks with us for a little while before taking the dogs away. As she leaves I realise that the phone I’ve picked up isn’t mine, same bright pink back but a much bigger and older version and damaged, held together at the top my white tape.
I’m beginning to despair when I realise that I still have my own phone, a slimmer and slicker model of the damaged one. We catch up to Mary and I ask her if the phone is hers.

‘No,’ she says, ‘I have my own,’ and she shows me, the model between mine and the old damaged one.
We come to some building works which spills onto the pavement and areas of the pavement is taped off. Mary is annoyed that her way is blocked, and despite showing her a way around the blockage she still complains that it shouldn’t be there because it hinders pedestrians. The black dog follows Petra and I around the blockage and somehow climbs to sit on the window ledge of a café with big glass windows. As we watch it leans back and goes through the glass so that half its body is outside and half inside the café with the glass still intact. We’re amazed and puzzled as to what to do.
Inside the café is one of my brothers and my youngest son’s dad. My son’s dad comes out, assesses the situation and say’s,
‘Oh yes, he’s gone through the window. We’ve had this before. I’ll go and get the waiter to sort it out.’
A waiter comes out, pulls up the glass and allow the dog to walk away unharmed.

I’m trying to understand the symbolism of dreams, as they may well be the same for readings.

Dogs have several meanings Devoted; trust; loyalty; faithfully following; territoriality; sensing danger; protective

Glass = invisible emotional, spiritual barriers,

often indicates strong psychic ability, transparency “see through” other people and situations

Looking through glass = openness and non-defensiveness

Cell phone = receptive to new ideas; mobility

Purse  = things kept hidden for fear of effect; female sexuality; power to give or receive favour;

Dog poo = problem created by lack of self-control over instinct and urges

Most times the dream makes sense to me, despite spending nearly two hours on this one it wasn’t clear. Any ideas??


Dream 2

I’m sitting in a café in a café with very big plate glass windows. It’s in the hills and opposite a wood. I’m watching two dogs and a wolf play and frolic on the opposite side of the road (the woods side). I’m thinking, in the dream, that I need to remember that it’s a wolf and not three dogs because it may significant.


Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

One thought on “Five dogs and a wolf

  1. Hi

    My interpretation of this Dream 1 is:

    The first dog is happy to see you and is joined by 2 more dogs all are happy to see you. Even though you are scared, it doesn’t matter, you are not running away from them. You are facing the fear and staying put. Gradually allowing yourself to get used to them.

    3 dogs, 3 different colours, black, white and beige – significance: black is about hidden potential and possibility, white is around clarity and things coming to light, beige is about being neutral. Things may be neither black or white but neutral.

    Purse – significance is that it is a receptacle to put money in and dog poo often represents money as well, they are close enough to be related to money. Possibly an omen for money to come from stuff that most people wouldn’t want to touch. Too taboo is poo!

    The old mobile is not yours, it is damaged, and worn. Is there something about not wanting to get rid of old forms of communication perhaps? You recognise your phone as the newer one and is it representative therefore of a new way of communicating for you?

    Obstructive building works / construction is only temporary, yet Mary sees it as an obstacle and is unwilling to see another way around it, even though a solution has been provided for her, she is still resisting another way forward, she wants to use her energy complaining. This is an old way of communicating represented by her old phone.

    Black dog leaning back through a large pane of clear glass, unscathed, a body laid back in two worlds, physical and spiritual. May be illustrating how easy it is to be in two worlds at the same time.

    Glass may represent the thin line between the physical and spiritual worlds, as is the thin line between life and death. Glass also about transparency. Psychic ability to see though situations and people in this world and the spiritual.

    Not sure about the significance of the brother and youngest son’s dad, except they are familiar and just around, one checks everything ok, satisfied, has he any connections to dogs, he’s familiar with this dog having seen him do this before, not fussed by the event. Reassures you it is ok.

    Dogs shows how comfortable it is being in two worlds at the same time. A lesson for those embarking on the spiritual journey, it may be scary but it’s still ok.

    Dog clearly frequents the café, waiter is also familiar with the dog.

    Have these 3 dogs shown up as your spirit guides and protectors as you embark on your personal journey into the unknown, to reassure you, that you are protected and there is no need for fear?

    My interpretation of this Dream 2 is:

    Very similar to first dream, both in cafes, dogs, plane of glass, one of the dogs has now transformed into a wolf, which again is often a guardian, but also a teacher.

    I think the second dream is to reinforce the first the dogs, glass and café. Maybe when you are in a more peaceful and relaxed state as in a café type-setting; you are more likely to become more observant, of things around you, (including what’s going on in nature with the dogs playing – why would they harm you in that state?) than when you are rushing around.

    Just another interpretation, hope that helps. Maureen

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