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Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Me at the wharf in Bridgetown

Me at the wharf in Bridgetown

I spent most of the day in Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados. First I delivered a copy of Betrayed to the journalist at The Nation newspaper, the one who did such a splendid series on Dare to Love last year.

View from a bench in Independence Square

View from a bench in Independence Square

The rest of the day was spent looking for presents and taking in the city as a tourist. I lunched at Cave Sheppard on flying fish, vegetables and tamarind juice. Took in the sights from a bench in Independence Square, and had an afternoon snack of coconut water followed by the delicious succulent white flesh, better known as ‘jelly’ in these parts.

Drinking coconut water

Drinking coconut water

The ride home on the bus was like a disco on wheels as the reggae tunes pumped out from speakers that made my bones rattle. Not everybody’s cup of tea and it’s illegal here, but is popular enough with most passengers who collude by asking if music is going to be played before getting on.

Eating coconut jelly

Eating coconut jelly

I must confess to really enjoying the music, though my travel companion complained of a headache and asked for it to be turned down. In his words ‘it went from 10 to 9.9.’ I guessed it was more than that as my bones stopped shaking.

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