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Independence Celebrations

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Monday 2nd December 2013

The weekend went by in a blur. The week of preparation and mini celebrations culminated in the full blown independence celebrations on Saturday.

Celebrating independence

Celebrating independence

I wasn’t able to attend the main parade in Bridgetown because I was working on preparing Never on Sunday for book form publication (Currently available only on Kindle). My friend had generously offered to help me to understand the process.

We created a back cover, and by the evening had eventually worked our way through to the point where final approval was all we awaited.

A word of warning to anyone thinking of publishing through Amazon’s Createspace. Although it allows you independence of content you still have to conform to a technical standard.

Unless you are very competent on the computer, including with graphics programmes, I suggest you go with their paid option. Fortunately for me my friend is extremely competent and has already published several books using this method. Even so, it was a long and involved process.

The following day the technical approval arrived. I was able to order a preview copy for final checks. It should be landing through my letter box on Thursday. All being well hard copies should be ready in time for you to pick up a copy before Christmas. Either for yourself or for a perfect Christmas gift.

The Barracks - transformed

The Barracks – transformed

After my hard work I was rewarded with a night out with a difference. It was a ‘back-in-time’ time dance held at the army barracks in St Michael. The barracks had been transformed into a fairy tale venue with the use of strategic lighting, tents and gazebos.

Not even the huge stage on which the mighty Troubadours International performed looked out of place. The band kept us on our feet for hours.


Troubadour International on stage

Troubadour International on stage

By all accounts the night was a roaring success with some of the proceeds going to the Barbados Youth Orchestra.

It was 4.20 a.m. before I crawled into bed. My feet were very grateful.

Revelers at the dance

Revelers at the dance 

Happy party goers

Happy party goers


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