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Session 38 – Sai Baba was here


Thursday 11th July 2013

Summer fruits in Erdington Brmingham

Summer fruits in Erdington Brmingham

There were only five of us tonight – for the first time the men outnumbered the women three to two. It was a beautiful evening and we sat chatting in the garden before heading to the log cabin where the chat continued for quite a while longer.

I was fascinated by a photo I’d not noticed before.

‘Is that a picture of Peter as a young man?’ I asked Greg. Peter was the founder of the centre and a well respected international medium.

‘That’s actually a picture of Sai Baba,’ he replied.

‘Sai Baba?’ I was surprised as it didn’t look like the ones I’ve seen of him.

‘Yes, Sai Baba was a very…’ began Greg.

‘I know who he is,’ I said, ‘I just didn’t recognise the photo.’

‘Yes, Peter used to sponsor Sai Baba to come over. He’s been here a few times. That picture was taken here.’

Greg went on to explain to the others that Sai Baba was also an internationally acclaimed and controversial healer and miracle worker. I was impressed that the log cabin had hosted such a well known figure.

After further discussions we began with an opening meditation in which Greg asked St Michael to visit us and give us a gift to help guide us.

Mine was a powder puff and a Barbie doll. As it didn’t mean much to me Greg suggested that perhaps I needed to pamper myself. I could definitely do with a bit of pampering.

The other woman saw a white lamb that nuzzled her palm and then ran off. I thought immediately of the nursery rhyme ‘Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go. It followed her to school one day, that was against the rule, it made the children laugh and play, to see a lamb at school.’

I suggested that perhaps it meant she should explore ways to take her spirituality into school to work with children. As she works in a school where this kind of spirituality would be forbidden in its overt form (that was against the rule) I thought there was a link there to be explored.

Greg said I was wrong, that lambs were born in spring and spring represented new beginnings. I accept that I’m still a novice at this but I had a strong feeling that I had to tell her about the school link.

We then talked about many things, some which related to happenings in the log cabin prior to our time, some to healing practices such as Reiki and some to our own development.

I voiced my disappointment that we hadn’t been able to do more meditation because I felt my development was particularly linked to the messages I got through the meditations; sometimes directly and sometimes via others.

Greg was on the verge of taking us into another meditation but as it was ten minutes before the session was due to end and I’d had a busy day, and more to attend to when I got home, I wasn’t able to experience it.

Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

3 thoughts on “Session 38 – Sai Baba was here

  1. Hmm, not sure about Greg telling you were wrong, did he actually say wrong, or just implied it? Granted Lambs are born in Spring, which is East and Air. Creativity, new beginnings, Wind, birds generally rather than a specific species, and white, for clouds. Just some for East. But Lambs are still lambs in summer, South, Fire, and Arch Angel Michael. Taking it into school? Could bring trouble, what path is She? But it is something to think about none the less.

    What colour was the powder? You have been under pressure a bit of late, so maybe give yourself a couple of days off, (take a powder), from everything apart from work. Anything about the doll that sticks in your mind? What clothes did it have on etc.? Just thought! Take the class on a field trip to a petting zoo, or somesuch, you could even go along has a helper if work allows. Just a thought.

  2. Alas, I heard the word wrong. I’m not sure that he meant to say it, as he offer an alternative explanation. Yes I still have much to learn about the multiple meanings of things but getting there slowly.

    The colour of the powder? Well, it was actually a powder puff – the thing you use to put the powder on your face. Barbie wasn’t wearing any clothes. Maybe means becoming child-like again? Take some time to play? Like children do in schools? Learning should be fun? Although I don’t actually work in a school – the other lady does.

    What I’ve taken from it is a more relaxed day today. Gym, then chill. Hope you’ve had a chance to do the same in this beautiful weather.

  3. But you may be able to tag along to help out with a school trip. All work and no play gets everyone ticked off. I think that there is a connection with the puff and barbie, but I can not think of it, it is there, but every time I focus it vanishes again. Kids play dress up, and put on makeup, barbie is naked, so you need to dress her up. vague but what do you think, play time by getting dolled up and going out maybe.

    I hate the Sun, bring back spring or autumn. I am fair skinned and red haired, just looking through the kitchen window I start to burn, lol. Factor 50 to have a smoke outside, unless I put on a shirt and hat. It will be even hotter in Cameroon and Jamaica, I would die in that heat. But you enjoy the sun while we have it, we never have it for long.

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