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Cow and Ivy


May 26th 2013 (Sunday)

I had two very distinctive images in meditation this morning.

2002-01-01 00.00.00-14391st image – I was cutting a piece of a plant from under a tree with very low branches that were almost touching the ground so that I had to bend and grope for the plant I wanted. The piece of plant had five leaves on a vine similar to that of the ivy, but not thick and waxy like the ivy. The leaves were about two inches in radius and thinner than the ivy. They were a little deeper than spring green in colour.

2nd image – I saw a very large cow walking across a mixed landscape of desert, plains and woods, with some houses to the edges. Although the cow was real the landscape was a model made of papier mache and sand.

Both lasted a few seconds then faded.

Animal Spirit Guides Stephen D Farmer, PH.D.

Animal Spirit Guides
Stephen D Farmer, PH.D.

I looked up cow in my Spirit Animal Guide book. The possible explanations are:

  • This is a very nourishing time for you, so be willing to partake of all that is offered to you.
  • You have nothing to worry about, as you’re well provided for in spite of any fears or doubts.
  • This is a time for mending and healing the relationship with your mother, whether she’s alive or has passed into the spirit world.
  • You may wish to work with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, as a means of being assured of your abundance.
  • Stand in your truth, and once you’ve made your decision, don’t let others sway you.
  • You may be called upon to make some sort of sacrifice that will benefit the greater good.

I wasn’t sure what the plant meant, but obviously got plenty to think about for the cow.  I’ve been getting a lot of messages recently that all my needs are taken care of, and that I will soon have more than enough for my own needs and plenty to share with others.

I had to make a decision yesterday which I think I may be asked to change. After this I will remain resolute. The other things don’t resonate so well with me, and I’m sincerely hoping I won’t be asked to make any more sacrifices.

I couldn’t make sense of the plant. The only thing I could think of was that it had something to do with shamanism and using plant remedies. However, it was a beautifully sunny day and I spent a lot of time gardening. Maybe it was as simple as that – a message about gardening. Unless of course you have a different view on any of the above. Love to hear from you.

Author: predencia

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5 thoughts on “Cow and Ivy

  1. First off, do not change, unless you really want to, as the Cow told you “Stand in your truth, and once you’ve made your decision, don’t let others sway you.” But saying that the Wheel is always changing, but it is YOUR wheel.

    What sort of woods were they, and the style of the houses, if you can remember? Also what colour was the cow, was it a normal UK/West Europe cow, or something else?

    Was the Tree a Willow, that is the only one I can think of with long hanging branches? As for the plant, try somewhere like http://www.shootgardening.co.uk/plant/identify, and it may give you an idea of what type of plant it is. From there you can find out any herbal qualities it may have.

    Or it could mean that things could be a bit of a struggle for a time, but you will get through it in the end, which does sort of tie in with your choices you are going to make.

    I hope it helps

    • As ever, such helpful advice. It was a normal bog standard cow – just very large. Can’t remember much about the woods or houses though.

      I think you may well have hit the nail on the head with ‘a bit of a struggle for a while’, as one of the decisions I’m about to make may well lead to that. But I’m certain now that it is the right one – and that it will be alright in the end.

  2. There’s a good possibility that your ivy-like plant was actually a young ivy; your description sounds exactly like the one in our kitchen window. Perhaps a clue that whatever associations the plant has for you, they may be with something new or just beginning to grow?

    If you’re interested in the sacred associations of animals as part of the symbolism, there are goddesses (and a god or two!) more strongly associated with cows than is Lakshmi. I’d suggest Hathor as a place to begin.

  3. Thanks so much for your reply Gypsy Lizardkilt. I looked at my association with Ivy and realised that I have a lot of dead ivy that needs cutting away from various parts of the garden and around the house.

    I’ve been doing a lot of clutter clearing around the house, throwing out lots of things that I no longer need. Maybe its time to do this with the garden too. In fact I spent a few hours yesterday doing some weeding and clearing the patio. I think I will tackle all that brown crispy ivy cluttering the fence panels and the walls next.

    I looked up Hathor and she really resonated with me. I’ll look into this further.

    I tried to find your blog but it said you’d withdrawn it. Where can I read more of you?

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