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Shamans and Ayahausca


I’ve just finished reading Shedding the Layers How Ayahausca Saved More Than My Skin. It was recommended by ‘R’ who first suggested I look into Ayahausca if I was interested in Shamanism.

Shedding the Layers - How Ayahausca Saved More Than My Skin by Mark Flaherty

Shedding the Layers – How Ayahausca Saved More Than My Skin by Mark Flaherty

It’s not an easy read if you’re squeamish because he describes his deteriorating skin in extremely graphic detail, but it’s absolutely necessary to understand his plight.

I found his description of the camp and the Ayahausca ceremonies compelling, so much so that I found the idea of a ceremony initially very off-putting. Prior to starting the book a trip to Peru seemed very exciting.

It was only toward the end of the book that Mark Flaherty was able to rekindle my curiosity again. His journey is engrossing. A couple of things he said hit a note with me.

‘It’s all just a story when you look with your eyes. When you look with your heart, you see the truth’

‘Do not try to live life, let life live you.’

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2 thoughts on “Shamans and Ayahausca

  1. Hi , would suggest you look up Barbara Meiklejohn Free`s site, lots of interesting things for you! xx

  2. Her site is like a sweet shop of shamanism. Didn’t even know you could do a correspondence course in shamanism. Will try and catch her at the White Lights Show in Derby in September. She looks interesting. Thanks

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