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DNA links me to Cameroon


I was not expecting the results of my DNA test to arrive today, and I wasn’t expecting it in a brown envelope. I was not expecting my heart to beat so fast when I saw the African Ancestry logo and realised what was in the envelope. I did not expect to be able to contain myself till someone arrived who could record me opening the envelope, and I didn’t expect to feel such a wave of relief to finally have a place to feel connected to in Africa.

Knowing that my genetic ancestry was with people living in Cameroon was one thing, but as someone remarked, ‘It’s never clear-cut with you, is it Predencia?’

What he was referring to was the fact that I share genes with four different groups; the Bubi people living in Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea), and the Tikar, Hausa, and Fulani people living in Cameroon. After much research on all four peoples I decided to ask the ancestors via dowsing. There was a resounding YES for links to the TIKAR people.

Predencia's African Ancestry results

Predencia’s African Ancestry results

So unless someone tells me otherwise, that’s what it is. It feels like after five weeks (or all my life) of holding my breath I can breathe out.

Apparently Condoleezza Rice and Quincy Jones are also TIKAR.

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2 thoughts on “DNA links me to Cameroon

  1. Wow this is impressive and I am happy for you!
    Who delivers the certificate of ancestry? Soooo cool 🙂

  2. Thanks so much. I didn’t realise I’d feel so emotional. I’ve been sharing the news with various members of my family. The certificate comes by post, hence the brown envelope quite unceremoniously sitting for hours on the door mat. I have a video of me opening the envelope to upload as soon as I’ve worked out how. Technology’s not my big thing.

    On another note. I’m reading a very interesting book at the moment called ‘Shedding the Layers – How Ayahausca Saved More Than My Skin’. Do you know of it? Have you read it? If so what do you think of it.

    I’ve checked out some of your blogs – really interesting stuff. Found the one on conducting ceremonies in Germany interesting.

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