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White horse dream

11th April 2013

I arrive late for a Tai Chi class. A white horse runs to meet me. It’s quite a small horse only reaches my waist. I stroke it; I remember it from the last time I was here when I was riding it. I’m pleased it remembers me. All the class are doing a Tai Chi moving meditation as I stroke the mini horse.

I did a little research, seems horses have quite a number of meanings. Often, horse dreams are interpreted as signs of courage, success and wealth. On the other hand, certain equine reveries may be regarded as portending challenges, dangers and struggles as well.

A white horse in a dream may signal pleasure, prosperity and positive outcomes.

I guess the fact that my horse was smaller than usual means that I just get half of the above, half the wealth but only half the dangers and struggles.

I looked up the Shamanic meaning of horses at horsejourneys.com, given that I did a Shamanic meditation just before going to bed. This is what it said:

Horses are our willing mentors, but we have to be willing to give something up to enter their world. We have to give up our attitudes of dominance and control that interferes with our ability to really listen, trust and learn. One of the first teachings that can come from working with horses is learning how to befriend your emotional nature and opening to new ways of consciousness.

The message could definitely be about opening to new way of consciousness. It was a really nice dream though.


Getting married to God

I few nights ago I dreamed that I was getting married to God. Most people’s response have been ‘you’re not thinking of becoming a nun are you?’

I found an interesting interpretation of dreams about God on the experience festival website.

To see God in your dream, signifies your spirituality and expression of your feelings about divinity. God also symbolizes an untouchable, unreachable, and unattainable notion of perfection. Thus such a dream may highlight your struggles and attempts with trying to be perfect. To dream that you are worshipping God, signifies repentance of your actions and errors. To dream that God speaks to you, signifies feelings of guilt, eternal punishment, and damnation. To dream that you are a god, implies your own special talents which you have not yet recognized or have not fully developed. Alternatively, it suggests your feelings of superiority over others.

The italicised sentences above best describe what’s going on for me. Am I looking to find such a person as a partner or am I trying to become that perfect person? Sometimes I’d just like to give my head a rest.

Do you have any other ideas as to why I’d be marrying God?


What does poo in dreams mean?

Friday 29th March 2013

Daffodils huddled together for warmth in this frozen month of March

Daffodils huddled together for warmth in this frozen month of March

I found out my grandmother’s name. It’s Christianna Benjamin nee Morgan. During my meditation I set the intention to connect with her and to be given a sign that I was connected. I had a tickling around my third eye and on the left side of my neck.

I saw a thimble, and later thread and a needle. Was she a good seamstress? Did I hear that somewhere? Then I had the thought of stitching together a patchwork quilt.

I dropped in and out of nothingness, but in between I thought about my dream from the night before in which I was trying to hide from a previous boss. I’d been trying to dodge him for ages hiding in all kinds of places before suddenly deciding that I’d done nothing wrong and, despite all the people who’d been trying to hide and protect me, I came out openly and challenged him. He didn’t pursue the issues and I realised that I needn’t have hidden for so long.

In the same dream I needed the toilet and had to go a long way to find it, (even though I was convinced that there was one closer). A woman snuck in before me, but fortunately there was more than one cubicle. The wall was flat, and the toilet bowl emerged from it and looked a little flimsy as it had no solid base attaching it to the floor. It had un-flushed poo in. I needed to do a poo but was conscious of people in the next cubicle so held on to it, just did a wee while pondering the oddness of the toilet.

Somebody once told me that poo in dreams is related to money. Does this dream mean that I found some (in the bowl) but was too embarrassed to add mine to it? Do you know anything about poo in dreams?

And what about the thimble and the patchwork quilt? I was wondering if it could mean that I’m to pull together all the different things that I’m learning into one. Maybe create something new and different from all the bits. Any thoughts?

And finally, I got the thought that it would be a good idea to write about my Family Constellation experiences.

When I was researching Shamanism I found people’s personal experiences really helpful. Constellations are about soul integration, about making whole the fragmented soul that has suffered trauma. This is also the aim of Shamanism.

It may require a bit of delving into journals but each experience was so profound that they are clearly documented.


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Three men, four handbags and a lot of fish

This is a dream I had the night after a psychic development circle.

BBArielFishOistins251111PICT0776As soon as I was asleep I found myself back in Greg’s (circle leader) advanced class. After about twenty minutes of a two hour session I left to find a toilet and a cup of tea, and was gone for ages. I bumped into lots of people who were also trying to find the toilet.

Then I was at one of my brother’s house, still looking for a toilet. One of the toilets in his house was broken, and he’d converted the en suite into storage cupboards.

Then I was with three young men sitting at one of those picnic tables outside a pub. The waitress was pouring one of the young me a cup of tea in a long white mug, clear tea, like green tea. He was trying to balance it in the hollow in his shoulder blades and I was trying to help him not spill it. This guy’s name was Jason, and I was commenting on the fact that the name ‘Jason has now come of age. (Once upon a time, after the Jason and the Argonauts film was released, there were a lot of boys being called Jason – now they’re grown men).

He managed to straighten up without spilling it and the waitress poured me a drink in a flatter, wider mouth cup. It was dark with what looked like tea leaves floating in it. I went to take a sip but a sixth sense said look closer. I got my glasses and looked into the cup to see lots of little dark fishes swimming around. Needless to say I didn’t drink the tea.

As the waitress went to leave in her car I rescued a handbag from being run over. It was almost identical to mine (quite a distinctive bag with red, black, white and beige squares and circles. I found three other similar bags and lined them all up on a large table inside the pub in what looked like a family room. I drew the three guys’ attention to this remarkable (to me) phenomenon, but oddly enough they didn’t seem interested.

I then noticed a friend of mine, stripped naked to the waist, looking after a baby and had just bend over to pick something up from the floor. She’d lost a lot of weight.

It occurred to me that there was only thirty minutes left of Greg’s session, and I decided to go back. My mother was outside the door, very worried that he may not let me back in. I asked her ‘what’s the worse that could happen – he could say no, you can’t come back.’ She continued to look worried until I opened the door and spoke to Greg.

He was standing just behind the door and everyone else (about ten people) was standing up in a circle.

He said, ‘come in, but be aware that the energy in here is very high, very intense.’

As I stepped into the room I woke me up, feeling as if I’d been on my feet all night.

I looked up the symbolism of fish in dreams as it’s the easiest part of the dream to try and decipher.

Fish =

To see fish swimming in your dream signifies insights from your unconscious mind. Thus to catch a fish, represents insights which have been brought to the surface. Alternatively, a fish swimming in your dream may symbolize conception. Some women dream of swimming fish when they get pregnant. The fish is also an ancient symbol of Christianity and Christian beliefs. Consider the common phrases “like a cold fish”, “fish out of water” or something that is “fishy” about a situation. It may also imply a slippery or elusive situation. Perhaps your dream could be telling you that “there are plenty of other fish in the sea”, with regards to some relationship issue.


I see the connection with the insights, given the type of work I was doing; and am now trying to come to terms with the fact that I will be doing trance work.

If you have another take on any of this at all I’d be happy to hear it.

Do you do trance work? If you do, how did you get into it? I’d really like to link with others doing this work.

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Five dogs and a wolf

I’m walking down the road with my friend Petra, a walk that I suggested to get out of the house when the black dog from Oak House comes bounding up to me. He jumps up and down on his hind legs and barks happily at me. I’m still a little wary of dogs but allow him to get close, but move my hands out of his way. His owner, Mary from Oak House calls him away.
As I continue walking with Petra the same dog does the same thing again, only this time he’s joined by two others, a white one and a beige coloured one. They surround me, all yelping and happy until the owner catches up with them, out of breath and scolding them. As I try to avoid bumping into them I drop my purse and phone by a big pile of dog poo. Fortunately neither touches it. Mary walks with us for a little while before taking the dogs away. As she leaves I realise that the phone I’ve picked up isn’t mine, same bright pink back but a much bigger and older version and damaged, held together at the top my white tape.
I’m beginning to despair when I realise that I still have my own phone, a slimmer and slicker model of the damaged one. We catch up to Mary and I ask her if the phone is hers.

‘No,’ she says, ‘I have my own,’ and she shows me, the model between mine and the old damaged one.
We come to some building works which spills onto the pavement and areas of the pavement is taped off. Mary is annoyed that her way is blocked, and despite showing her a way around the blockage she still complains that it shouldn’t be there because it hinders pedestrians. The black dog follows Petra and I around the blockage and somehow climbs to sit on the window ledge of a café with big glass windows. As we watch it leans back and goes through the glass so that half its body is outside and half inside the café with the glass still intact. We’re amazed and puzzled as to what to do.
Inside the café is one of my brothers and my youngest son’s dad. My son’s dad comes out, assesses the situation and say’s,
‘Oh yes, he’s gone through the window. We’ve had this before. I’ll go and get the waiter to sort it out.’
A waiter comes out, pulls up the glass and allow the dog to walk away unharmed.

I’m trying to understand the symbolism of dreams, as they may well be the same for readings.

Dogs have several meanings Devoted; trust; loyalty; faithfully following; territoriality; sensing danger; protective

Glass = invisible emotional, spiritual barriers,

often indicates strong psychic ability, transparency “see through” other people and situations

Looking through glass = openness and non-defensiveness

Cell phone = receptive to new ideas; mobility

Purse  = things kept hidden for fear of effect; female sexuality; power to give or receive favour;

Dog poo = problem created by lack of self-control over instinct and urges

Most times the dream makes sense to me, despite spending nearly two hours on this one it wasn’t clear. Any ideas??


Dream 2

I’m sitting in a café in a café with very big plate glass windows. It’s in the hills and opposite a wood. I’m watching two dogs and a wolf play and frolic on the opposite side of the road (the woods side). I’m thinking, in the dream, that I need to remember that it’s a wolf and not three dogs because it may significant.