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2016-04-02 13.38.57I’ve never been to an AGM (Annual General Meeting) quite like the Writers Without Borders one today. Usually they are dry, tedious, and something to be endured. People usually avoid them if they can, but not this one.

We had a fantastic turnout – 22 of our 25 paid up members made the trek to our new meeting place in John Lewis store in Central Station. Members were rightly proud of the many events we took part in over the last year, including the triumph of our latest anthology, and eagerly planned next year’s activities.

2016-04-02 13.38.43

There were two surprise presentations, one was a belated Easter egg offered by Tessa Lowe to Sue Brown as an appreciation of the way she has lead the group, and the other was a picture offered by Patricia  Bamurangirwa as an appreciation of the love and guidance Sue has personally given her over the years. We were all moved… we all felt the love… we were all reminded why we are members of this group.

Author: predencia

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6 thoughts on “Back in my writing home

  1. Sounds like a lovely afternoon. Where in JL did you meet? They have meeting rooms? So lovely to see Sue she looks pretty cool in the photo. (-:

  2. They have a community hub on the 4th floor. Nice room but very different to our last meeting place in the Hippodrome. Yes, Sue always looks so cool…

  3. Not good or bad really. The other place was located in a venue dedicated to the arts… this one is in a space dedicated to commerce. Challenges us to get out of our comfort zones. Always good for writers to get a shake-up.

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