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Family Constellation


Brockhampton Parish Hall was host to the Family Constellation

Brockhampton Parish Hall was host to the Family Constellation

I spent yesterday at a Family Constellation event in Brockhampton, Herefordshire, trying to find an underlying spiritual cause for my loss of sight as the medical professional cannot come up with a satisfactory one. What, I hear you ask, is Family Constellation?

Family Constellations is a gentle and profound way of looking at and bringing healing to situations that hold us back and create unhappiness in our lives.

Fields of poppies in the sun at Brockhampton at 9 a.m.

Fields of poppies in the sun at Brockhampton at 9 a.m.

They can uncover hidden dynamics and loyalties which entangle us with others, helping us to discover ways of healing and resolution, whether it be related to family, friendships, professional life or community. When the inner order of the family is re-established with love, the way is free for our own potential and task. The process can be deeply moving and often shows surprising solutions.

Charaka Satyam Danaher

Brockhampton Parish Church with a beautiful thatch roof.

Brockhampton Parish Church with a beautiful thatch roof.

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3 thoughts on “Family Constellation

  1. Hi there, I didn`t realise the eye situation was ongoing…call me naive..but for some reason I just assumed it was sorted …although maybe that`s just because it`s you and I know how dynamic and open you are to healing etc etc. I hope the family constellations gathering was able to help. I was wondering if you had considered some form of hypnotherapy (for example Delores Cannon`s QHHT)? It`s said to work on a somnambulistic level and can apparently produce spontaneous healing as well, if it is the right action for the Higher self. Anyway, it`s just a thought.

    Love Kira xx

    • Hi Kira

      Great, as always, to hear from you. The Family Constellation was (as always) extremely helpful. It helped me to see that this was something I agreed to do on behalf of the family. In the grand scheme of things it’s a small personal price to pay for the bigger healing for the family. In fact I feel privileged to have been of help. There is a tremendous amount of peace that comes with knowing and accepting my role in healing for the family.

      Have had a look at Delores Cannon QHHT. If its the right next step… it will happen. Hope all is well in your world. XXX

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