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Tantra – More than just sex


2015-06-05 21.30.16I attended a Buddhist Tantra day course yesterday at the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Erdington Birmingham entitled The Power To Create The Life You Want

It was run by Gen Kelsang Leksang a very engaging teacher with a gift for the use of metaphors.

She explained that Tantric teachings provide us with an opportunity to deeply purify our minds so we create the reality we want. It’s not just about being able to have great sex; the great sex (and great life) comes as a result of a purified mind.

The day course, although only an introduction to Tantra explained the powerful transformative qualities of this practice. Tantra is highly consistent with the teachings and practices of A Course in Miracles so I felt right at home.

The meditations were amazing. Really helped me to re-connect with this route to inner peace.

Author: predencia

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3 thoughts on “Tantra – More than just sex

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am writing a blog on Sacred sexuality and courtesans, and started this a few years back. I am now getting back to it, and am looking at the various spiritual traditions and sacred sex within these traditions, including tantra. I am aiming to then explore the world if the courtesan, from many cultures ,how they applied sacred sexuality. My reason for writing is probably a form of rebellion against the mainstream,patriarchies and thinking inside the tiny box!!!!

    • Thanks for your comments. The picture on my home page is a kind of statement too. I want to show that spirituality and sexuality are not separate as some religions would have us believe. Good luck with your blog. I will be following to see more of your writing.

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