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Is it possible to give a bad medium/psychic message?

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On Tuesday I went to another spiritual development circle. There were six of us including the leader,(two men and four women). He reiterated that when we show up at circle we are sending out a message to spirit that we are willing to work with them. We had to focus on a person and try to get a message for them as we ‘connected’ with spirit.

Autumn dahlias in Rookery park

Autumn dahlias in Rookery park

I focused on the woman opposite me but she didn’t recognise anything that I told her. Not the name or the images I described.

Our leader said not to get disheartened, that sometimes the message is not obvious to the recipient, that later it may make sense after they’ve done more research.

The man next to me got loads of accurate stuff for one of the women. The others also got messages that others could ‘take’.

The leader told me to have another go as a bad message can demoralise a medium and have them go home feeling terrible.

My question was ‘is it possible to give a bad message?’ If we are channels and the message is simple passing through us, how can it ever be bad? It must serve a purpose either for the recipient or for the medium.

I wondered if maybe after the accuracy of the last meeting whether I was being given an opportunity to see how I would respond to not having someone ‘take’ everything I said.

I had another go focusing on the leader. He took most of what I said (apart from the name) but i wondered if he was being nice so I didn’t go home demoralised. He said no, much of what he said related to his mother.

So, my question again. Is is possible to give a bad message? Truly welcome any comments.

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