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Wednesday 8th January 2014

Last time I was at a family gathering

Last time I was at a family gathering

Last night I dreamed that I died on 20th August last year. I didn’t realise that I’d died because so many people could still see me. It was only when one person clearly couldn’t see me that it made me question my physicality.

I was at my brother’s house for a celebration dinner. I asked one of his sons if he could see me. He said, ‘Yes, don’t you remember that I called you the other day to help me with something at school and you came and helped?’ I couldn’t remember.

There was an empty chair between my two brothers. I indicated that I intended to sit there. One brother looked a little uncomfortable but the other seemed fine with it.

On waking I was very perturbed by this dream because it felt so real. I began wondering if I was indeed deceased. Maybe that’s why some people that I’ve been trying to meet up with haven’t responded.

I lay there asking myself ‘Am I really deceased? Is there really no need for me to go to the gym?’ I arrived at the gym at 7.20 a.m. desperate to re-confirm my physicality. I was reasonably reassured by the time I left, but I’ve had an odd feeling all day. It did feel very real.

Any ideas on what this could mean? Do you know anyone who died on 20th August last year? If not did anything significant happen on 20th August?

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