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Nelson Mandela Tribute

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Sunday 15th December 2013

Yaz Alexander who organised the event

Yaz Alexander who organised the event

As Nelson Mandela becomes the latest high profile ancestor on which we can call for guidance, as his body is finally reclaimed by the African soil that gave him life and sustained him through his life’s ordeals, as the world reflects on what it means to forgive, the Drum in Birmingham brought together a host of artists to pay respect to the giant of a man that’s left our physical world.

Drummers at the Nelson Mandela Tribute event

Drummers at the Nelson Mandela Tribute event

It was good to see so many people brave the damp and grey Sunday evening to join their energy to that of our departed brother. Rrefreshing too to see the multicultural nature of the performers and the span of ages.

Dr Joseph Aldred in his tribute beseeched us not to think of Nelson Mandela as the man who taught the world to forgive without thinking of the true nature of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not for the other person, the ones you think have done you wrong. Forgiveness releases you from the self-destructive energy of bitterness, anger and resentment. It releases the negative revenge energy and replaces it with the healing energy of love.

Dancer Sandra Golding

Dancer Sandra Golding

As Joe Aldred said ‘unforgiveness is the equivalent of drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die.’

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