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Sunday 8th December 2013

End of the day on Miami beach

End of the day on Miami beach

I’m leaving Barbados today. Leaving behind the sand, sea, sun and clear blue skies, but they are the things that everyone who come here leave when they step on the aircraft.

What I’m also leaving behind which not every visitor may have shared is the easy acceptance of almost everyone I met.

The people at Crystal Waters in Christ Church on Sunday afternoons, the music, the happy hour and the two young men who challenge me to a dance off. Sorry guys, you didn’t even come close to winning – but I loved your sense of fun.


2013-12-06 08.28.54ALeaving behind too the patrons at Basil’s Bar in St Philip. Such a bohemian crowd, and Harvey I love your painting. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed ‘The Blue’ that will accompany ‘The Green’ at Hoopies.

Leaving behind a fantastic night at Zen restaurant in The Crane Resort, including the fish that welcomed us on the way in and said goodbye as we left.

Leaving behind fantastic friends who made me feel soooooo at home, taught me so much, and gave me soooo much love.

At Zen restaurant

At Zen restaurant

I swear they said 'goodbye' as we were leaving

I swear they said ‘goodbye’ as we were leaving

Till next time… stay sweet Barbados

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