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Monday 28th October 2013

This last week I’ve taken to my bed more than usual, the result of being exhausted after my Cameroon experience.

2013-10-09 14.02.57When I wasn’t actually sleeping, (which I’ve done a lot of), I’ve been reflecting on the way my blog has been dominated by this ancestral search in the past few months.

Blogging has become a significant part of my writing. I’ve been reminding myself that I originally began the blog to try and trace whether my spiritual development would have any discernible effect on my creative writing.

At the moment I seem to be doing less and less creative writing. I’m trying to regain the drive and passion for the purely creative.

I’ve never seen myself as a journalist, yet I have spent many hours and many thousands of words journaling, both publicly and privately.

If there are any creative writers who also blog I’d be interested to know how you manage the split.

I head out to Barbados in a few week’s time. It’s the place that inspirited my first novel Dare to Love. I’m hoping that I will reconnect with that purely creative energy when I’m there.

Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

4 thoughts on “Back to the start

  1. Hello, You will surely enjoy and do more in Barbados especially with the experience in Cameroon and with the blessings form the land of your ancestors. Your trip will be joyous. We will never forget you time with us in Cameroon. Greetings and best regards from the Palace. The Fon asked why we did not contact him by phone about you.

  2. I find it very tricky – when I’m really actively blogging, all my creative energy goes into that and I don’t have anything much left for other writing. I’m going to try to set some time aside for more personal writing and see how I go with that. Problem is, I usually write spontaneously whenever inspiration hits, so not sure how I will go with the new strategy.

    Rest up, enjoy Barbados and I hope you tap back into some lovely creativity soon. 🙂


  3. I think you’re right. I hadn’t realised how intense the Cameroon experience was. I’m still trying to process things from there. Beginning to look forward to Barbados and something different. Also it’s getting kinda cold here and some of that warm Caribbean sea you’ve been bathing in wouldn’t go amiss just now.

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