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Countdown to Cameroon – 2 days to go – Making peace with the mosquitoes

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Monday 16th September 2013

Is time speeding up? Why are there suddenly so many things to do that I hadn’t thought of before? Not things to do with the trip, other things that are must-dos before I go.

2013-09-13 22-17-58.687Had to turn down a night out in Manchester tonight on account of these things that have come out of hiding.

A friend who has recently gone out to Liberia to work called me this morning to warn me about mosquitoes, and to let me know that taking quinine is a good deterrent to being their main meal.

This whole mosquito thing is making me think. Is part of this trip to give me an opportunity to face my fear of mosquitoes?  You see, an essential part of shamanic practice is a recognition that we all have a right to be here, and that the universe is in perfect harmony if we treat each other with respect.

If I am entering the mosquitos’ territory the least I can do is to let them know I come in peace. I’ll ask them if it’s ok to share their space and hope my politeness will elicit and affirmative. I do hope they say yes.

I’m being told so many horror stories about mosquitoes and malaria that it reminds me of when I was going to Guyana for the first time in 2011. Lots of people kept telling me about how corrupt the place was, how I needed to be very careful, and not to trust anyone as most people were out to rob you or rip you off.

I had given in to the fear by the time I arrived, relinquishing my belief that if I expect the best from people and approach them with love instead of fear, that I will be OK.

Anyway, I lost my purse within hours of arriving. The general acceptance of everyone was that it was either stolen, or if lost would never be seen again.

I remember sitting down calmly and asking to be shown what losing the purse was about. To cut a long story short, against all the odds, the purse was handed in at the hotel reception. It still contained all my cards and money. I knew then that it was a warning for me to return to my approach of love and trust. Other people’s experiences need not be mine. It was such a rare occurrence that I did radio and TV interviews about it, and the press ran an article on it.

Got my Euros today and my two bags are packed. Amazing how much electrical cables we travel with these days!

Off tonight for a last supper with a friend who’s just returned from Ghana.

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