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Countdown to Cameroon – 4 days to go – Finding my prince?

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Saturday 14th September 2013

I had a long on-line conversation with the project coordinator last night. He said he was working late. I asked what the time was there. 8.27 p.m. he said. I check the time on my laptop. 20.27. Did that mean we were in the same time zone? I did a Google search for time in Cameroon. 8.29 p.m. (same as it was on my laptop by then). Yes, a new and important fact to discover. No jet lag.

He said he will be coming to meet me at the airport and not to be too concerned about the long journey. After landing at 4.30 on Wednesday evening we should be at the project by 12 noon on Thursday. He said the Cameroonian county side would be worth the trip.

He seemed very excited that I was bringing a video camera. I said not to be too excited as I didn’t yet know how to use it properly. I also found myself telling him that I’m quite good at writing publicity material which could be helpful for fund raising! WHAT! I’ve never done any fund-raising in my life!

Water bottle carrier

Water bottle carrier

Today a friend lent me an inner bag for sleeping bags. I didn’t even know such things existed. She also lent me a water bottle carrier. I could immediately see another use for it. What do you think? Picture it around the waist with the pouch hanging down the front.

‘Whoever this fits I will be happy to get to know better…’ I said.

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