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Session 40 – I must be barking mad

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Thursday 25th July 2013

We were seven tonight, two men and five women.

The bear in the bark

The bear in the bark

At the start of the day I pulled the rainbow card from my colour card pack, the second time in as many days. The message is ‘connect with spirit in nature.’ I decided to act on it and went for a walk in the park. I found a friendly looking sycamore tree and hugged it. As I did a piece of bark fell off and hit me on my head. Thinking it might be significant I picked it up and took it to circle with me. Greg said he would be happy to do a reading from it for me.

At the end of our meditations he was true to his word, but more than that he asked everyone else to say what they saw in the bark. As you can see from the picture one side was rough and the other smooth.

Greg saw a bear, and as soon as he mentioned it I could see it too (amazing that I’d looked at it all day and not been able to see the bear). Bear = boundaries. ‘It’s only when you can say a clear ‘no’ that you can say a clear ‘yes.’

It made sense because there’s an issue I’ve been struggling with for nearly six months involving boundaries.

Smooth bear in the bark

Smooth bear in the bark

Different members of the group saw the Hindu God Shiva = destroyer of the ego, the ‘evil eye’, and a Tibetan monk. One person thought it was trying to tell me that the rough and jagged past is behind me and a smoother future lay ahead with lots of spiritual growth (represented by the spiralling markings)

I’ve decided to add it to my altar, along with the stone from the shamanic weekend.

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