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The Way of the Shaman – The Stone Speaks – Page 5

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In this the last exercise of the first day the purpose of the stone we were asked to bring became evident.


Lilacs Tools of a Shaman

‘Shamen are masters of observations,’ Simon explained by way of introduction. ‘They have knowledge of the physical world, of the nature and properties of plants, of crystals, rocks, the sea, animals and birds. They are able to ask any and all of these for help in healing and helping individuals and communities.’

It was time to pick up our stones as we were going to use them to find answers to questions.

The exercise required that we worked with a partner, one as client, one as scribe. The client was to write down a question they’d like an answer to and pass their notebook to their partner who would write down the answers as they were given.

The client was to look at one side of the stone and try to find four images on it, then turn it over and do the same on the other side. The scribe would record. Then in turn the client would ask each image the question, speak the answer, and the scribe would record it exactly as said.

This would enable the client to stay focused on getting the answers without the distraction of having to write it down.

I found this exercise quiet easy as I’m used to reading objects – all those months in the psychic development circles came in useful. My partner similarly found he exercise quite easy.

I asked the question ‘What is the purpose of my shamanic practice?’ and looked at the stone. I saw a heart, raindrops, a cave and a tent with only two sides, an incomplete tent.

On the other side I saw railway tracks, an old man, back to back linked c’s like the logo for Channel, and a gorge.

This is what they said after I asked each in turn ‘What is the purpose of my shamanic practice?’

Heart said – open your own heart.

Raindrops said – cleanse the world.

Cave said – bring yourself and others into the light.

Incomplete tent said – bring completion.

Rail tracks said – create a path that others can follow.

Old man said – give up the belief in age.

Crossed cs said – know that we are all linked.

Gorge said – leave a legacy.

Once we had done that we had to combine the first four answers into one sentence, and do the same for the second four, then combine both sentences into one to give a complete answer. One or two small linking words were allowed but essentially the words shouldn’t be changed. I ended up with,

By opening your own heart you cleanse the world, bring yourself and others into the light and bring the completion that carve a path that others can follow; by giving up the belief in age, knowing that we are all linked and by that leave a legacy.’

Sounds a bit like my mission statement for my shamanic practice. I see now why the jaguar said some of the things I would do would scare me. Carve a path for others to follow!! No pressure then.

The following day Simon told us that the rock should be taken back to where we found it unless we had further use for it. He said it was a way of not walking the ‘Path of Paraphernalia.’ This is where we acquire stuff that we keep even when we can’t even remember why we got them in the first place.

‘In shamanism the acquisition of things equals lack of spirit. Addictions equal a lost part of the soul,’ he advised.

I made a mental note to throw out a few more things, and shop a little less.

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