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Countdown to Cameroon – Reality check


Friday June 21st 2013

Post elation and the reality is beginning to sink in. Volunteering is not a holiday, it’s a job, and preparing to volunteer overseas is like starting a job abroad.

First there’s the CRB or police check, then there’s booking the flight, booking in with the surgery for immunisation – yellow fever and cholera are compulsory as are malaria tablets. Add visa application (which is not a straightforward affair with the Cameroon embassy) and all the people who have to be informed this end and in Cameroon and its way more than starting a job here.

On top of that the blurb states that it’s approximately a day’s travel by bus to the project from the airport, (and the flights I’ve looked at so far are anywhere from ten hours to thirty-one hours).

I have to buy a sleeping bag. I’ll need it for the volunteer house as bedding isn’t provided. I have to buy a pair of wellingtons because it can get very muddy between April and November, and warm clothes as the altitude of project means it can get quite chilly in the evenings.

By Monday I was beginning to wonder whether this was such a good idea, but after speaking to one of the staff at Original Volunteers on Tuesday I was all fired up again. Filled in and posted the police check form. First job done, about twenty to go.


Author: predencia

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10 thoughts on “Countdown to Cameroon – Reality check

  1. It is going to be tough for you, but from what I know of you, I think that you will be fine, more than fine. Spirit has guided you here, to do this. I have yet to find Spirit doing something or leading someone where it does not make the person stronger. Something is going to happen, for you, while you are there, maybe a guide, maybe something else. If I do not here from you before, have a really great trip, enjoy yourself, and have fun.

  2. You will most definitely hear from me before I go. I’m not going till September – plenty to do before then – a Shamanic course in London for one, plus lots more circle sessions with more revelations and guidance, and a constellation session at the end of this month. I feel a slight turning of the tap coming on.

    Do you think you will ever play the guitar again – such an expressive instrument. Always wished I could play an instrument. I started to learn the djembe but didn’t have the patience or skill.

  3. Best of luck with the Course in London. Well I will keep dropping back to read.

    As for the Guitar, no, my right hand is far gone, and I do not think that there will be improvement, only worse. As for my left (fretting) hand, for years I have struggled to do Barre cords, and now I can just about do very basic cords. I could still solo but the stretching of the fingers down the neck is problematic and painful. I can not strum nor Pick the strings without intense pain. It is the past, my life goes forward, thus my path. Maybe you could try a rattle or drum, or maybe a keyboard even. Or maybe a wind like the flute.

  4. I’m really looking forward to the Shamanic course in London – only weeks away. I’m going to take the opportunity to visit West Brompton Cemetery while I’m there and see what unfolds. Also I met someone a few months ago who’s grandfather was a shaman. I’m hoping to catch up with her too and see if I can get any pointers there.

    When I was growing up in Jamaica I was quite a dab hand with the tambourine in church. Maybe I could give that a go again.

    I like your philosophy regarding playing… ‘my life moves forward.’ So many people hanker for what was, instead of moving forward. Glad you’ll be staying in touch.

  5. If it is allowed by them you could write a post or page on the course, giving away no major details or anything. But that would be very interesting. So you finally get to go to the Cemetery, now that will be intriguing, and as I said before, eyes and mind open. As well as the Granddaughter, maybe staying in touch. Where did she come from, what tribe, can you remember?

    The Tambourine is underrated, a full percussion instrument, bell, drum and cymbals in one. Tapping on the skin to add travelling (journeying), You get the idea anyway.

    This is one aspect of my Balance. I stand between Light and Dark, Past and Future, Everything happens for a reason, I am a Messenger from the Great Spirit. I am not meant to be playing at this time, I should focus on what I need to do and what I am required to do. If I was meant to play I would have made it into a band, but I narrowed my vocalist to a very select few, all of which had bands anyway. Not meant to be, so do what I can and need to do. Past is gone, Future is coming, and in the present I stand. Balanced. I will be staying in touch, these days with the internet it is so much easier than 20 years ago.

  6. Everything seems to be coming up so quickly now. I’ve bought my train tickets for London and booked my plane ticket for Cameroon.

    I’ve had to deal with some unpleasantness and a lot of increased activity in my work. My head’s feeling very full. Need to do the thing with the tap again, as well as asking for assistance from my grandmother. She’s a real help when I remember to call on her.

    My friend with the shaman grandfather is Nigerian – Yoruba.

    Increasingly I’m learning to accept that life unfolds according to our purpose and that resistance is what causes disharmony and disease. I like your philosophy of acceptance. It seems to bring you peace.

    Thank you for staying in touch and for sharing.

  7. Both countries are next to each other, so just maybe the Shaman practices may be similar, at least to start, then when you get the basics you will bring in your own way of doing things to make it your own path, then bring it back to the UK.

    Paternal or Maternal Grandmother? A connection to the Ancestors, with the wisdom of the tribe, tribe lore, from everywhere that your people have lived, Cameroon, West Indies, and now UK. Grandmother will not only help, but advise and guide, just ask, as if She was still alive.

    Upto a couple of years ago I was going through major depression brought on my a sentence said but one who should never have said it, history of it is not important. I was also very angry and pissed off and very grumpy. But Mother Danu grabbed me by my scruff, hauled me up onto my feet from my knees and that is when I finally understood myself and my relationship with the Gods. Now whatever the one says to me, just washes over me, they can not bring me down again. Their time will come, be it the gates of Heaven, the Doors of Valhalla or wherever. The Great Spirit will count the coppers. So from that know that there is no need to get mad at someone just because they do not have your manners, it may be a small test for you from the Great Spirit, but if later that one requires your help, and your are not tied to them in a relationship, gently remind them of what was said or done, and it is up to you if you help them or not.

  8. Sorry for the late reply, its been a busy week. Things seem to be speeding up again. I’m trying to keep it under control, trying to keep it at a pace I can cope with.

    Thanks massively for the reblog of Family Constellation. More people have found me and are now following. It’s exciting to be sharing the journey.

    Maternal grandmother. I’m learning to talk to her more each day about all sorts of things – not just spiritual things, but about lost keys and which dress to buy etc. It seems trivial but I feel I’m getting to know her better through these small mundane interactions.

    Its amazing what happens when we learn not to take hurtful comments personally. Through the work I do in A Course in Miracles I’ve learned to think of ‘nasty’ people as crying out for love. The more horrible the deed the greater the call for love. Sometimes its really challenging, but I find that when I send them love, I feel better and the situation doesn’t seem as bad.

    So pleased you’re in a place now where you can help people like me who are still trying to find a way through the maze.

  9. You are welcome regarding the reblog.

    Grandmother, She is Family as well as guide, and it is great that you are working it that way, getting to know her.

    I will be honest with you, I think that you have come along leaps and bounds over the months, and only a little of it is to do with me. You have a natural ability, learning the right things for you, so much so that I could learn from you now as well, and I am not being bigheaded here, because I still learn from a few people on here. And sending them love? do you see or feel a change in them either generally or around you? Just being nosy here.

  10. Aahh, thanks for the kind words. I love the fact that life is a school, and we’re all students – some more advanced in some areas than others. Its the sharing that brings us together.

    With regard to the call for love thing. Maybe easier to explain with an example. I have a colleague who use to drain me energetically. Whenever I spent any length of time with him I’d be exhausted. I mentioned this to a couple of spiritual friend who suggested that I put up psychic protection. I discussed it with the Course in Miracles group and was reminded that if someone is draining you its because they’re trying to take the love you’re not freely giving. Protection puts up barriers to love, blocks people out and it makes it more difficult to reach them and help them to heal.

    The next time I met with my colleague I decided to silently send him love. Whenever I felt myself becoming irritated by him I’d remind myself that he was only seeking love and sent him some. To my surprise, after working with him for four hours non-stop (it was a rush project) I was still full of energy. This kind of event in the past would have left me drained.

    I can’t say for certain what he felt, but after a while he became less tense, and less irritating. I’ve been using this technique with others. I don’t always remember, but as soon as I feel myself becoming irritated by someone, or when I find myself making judgments about them – I send them love.

    It seems to take the heat out of the situation. I believe the reason it works is because the energy of love is the highest vibrating energy there is. It can neutralise even the strongest anger, hate, revenge, fear etc. Whenever people are displaying these emotions I picture them as scared children and send them love.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Mother Theresa, I still lose it sometimes, but I’ve learnt to correct myself quite quickly. Because sending love feels better for me than the alternatives.

    Hope this helps.

    Has anyone else tried this? Did it/does it work for you? If not what happened/happens.

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