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Marriage, babies and a new ministry


May 29th  2013

I dreamed that I got married to a friend of mine, joined a church and started a ministry.

Last year's Jamaican independence celebrations

Last year’s Jamaican independence celebrations

It was odd because my friend Oliver and I are not romantically attracted to each other in real life. It was also a little strange that the decision to get married was very matter of fact – like we both agreed that it was the right thing to do. There was no mad wild passion sweeping us away or anything.

I woke from the dream to go to the toilet, but was so fascinated by what had happened that I went back to sleep and went back into the dream.

In the second part of the dream I had a baby girl and Oliver and I moved into a massive country house. The test cricket was being played at the house and it was teaming with thousands of people and hundreds of celebrities. Some people were talking about catching glimpses of famous cricketers and chatting to them.

There were two other couples moving into the house that day. Both had baby girls about eight months old. I was discussing with them the merits or otherwise of another couple moving in, but was insistent that I didn’t just want to talk baby talk, I wanted more intellectual discussions.

This dream occurred in the early hours of the morning, about 7 a.m. Three hours later I had to go to the High Street unexpectedly to send a fax. As I came out of the shop I literally bumped into Oliver. I hadn’t seen him in months; he does not live in my neighbourhood and does not generally visit my neighbourhood.

‘I thought about you two days ago,’ he said as he gave me a hug.

‘I dreamed about you last night,’ I replied.

‘Pray tell, was it a good dream? What was I doing?’ He asked eagerly.

‘You were at a big house,’ I said hesitantly, ‘at some kind of event.’

‘Oh, I’m going to a big house party at the weekend in Somerset. Maybe it’s to do with that.’

‘Maybe,’ I said, happy to latch on to anything that meant I didn’t have to tell him the whole story. How do you tell a friend that three hours ago he was your husband and father of your child? So I kept quiet and chatted about general things and his reason for being in my vicinity (to meet a family member). We agreed to meet the following day for him to tell me about his month long trip to India.

I rushed home and called my friend and did the ‘you’ll never guess what!’ line.

‘Shall I tell him the whole dream?’ I wanted to know.

‘Not much point telling him only a part. It’s obviously significant that he showed up so quickly after the dream. Spirit wouldn’t have arranged that so quickly if he didn’t need to know.’

Iron Man - Birmingham City Centre

Iron Man – Birmingham City Centre

We had a quick chat about the possible meaning of the dream. The marriage could mean a new beginning, as could the babies. So many girls meant there was a need for more feminine energy – maybe bringing more feminine energy into my life and into my work. (Interestingly I’ve been remodelling my home and trying to make my bedroom a little more feminine).

The ministry? Could be a project that Oliver and I need to begin together, but why the church? I’m not particularly interested in ministry in a church setting, and neither is he. And the jury is still out on the big house.

After listening to Oliver’s exciting tales about his travels across India and his fortnight at an ashram, I told him about the dream – all of it. Fortunately, because of his spiritual beliefs he could understand that the marriage could be symbolic of other things, and we discussed the possibility of using his yoga experience in some kind of joint project.

Two things stood out for me in this dream.

  1. I was able to get back into it. I haven’t consciously done that before.
  2. This is the second time I’ve dreamed about getting married. First to God, and now to Oliver.

Some of the dream interpretations suggest marriage is about integrating the self. Does this mean I’m getting more integrated?

It’s a long and complex one, but if anyone wants to comment on any section of  it I’d welcome your take (or if you have the time and patience please comment on all of it.) Many thanks in advance.

Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

3 thoughts on “Marriage, babies and a new ministry

  1. Hi Predenica
    What a interesting dream marriage babies a mansion sports celebrities , marriage for me is also about the union of souls , romantic love always ends in divorce so this marriage is about spiritual growth . I have a sense that in the mists of life and its excitement that there is the absolute to remain grounded and connected to purpose and service to self and others.
    The female babies, yes can be about new beginnings and also the femine energies and bringing more of that into life, and connecting with the child within.

    That’s all I make you aright now , and I look forward to insights from all your readers
    It was great to bump into you and hear of this interesting dream

    Peace and action

    • Hi Oliver. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Interesting that you say romantic love always end in divorce… always? Some of the books suggest that the dreamer should look at the qualities of the person they are marrying and try to incorporate them into their own

      I think a sense of adventure is definitely one of the qualities I’d like to bring into my life, it will probably help with my connection with my inner child.

  2. Marriage, Babies and a New Ministry

    Overall, I agree with much of what you say about this dream. The key points I picked up are:
    Having the dream, then bumping into Oliver 3 hours later, sounds very prophetic. Has your dream work shifted to another level, especially having the ability to get back into it after your toilet break? Clearly the dream has an important message from Spirit to be passed on in full to Oliver, who is one of the key characters in the dream. As with all messages received psychically or mediumistically (if there is such a word), it is not for us to always understand or censor what we are given, just to be the messenger and pass it on to the rightful recipient.

    Interesting you have a baby, and the baby is girl, sounds like you’ve just given birth to some feminine energy. Maybe Oliver has helped you to give birth to a feminine part of yourself. I would also agree with you that the marriage and female babies could be about new beginnings and new feminine energy. I would also agree that it feels as if you do have integration to do in both your personal life and possibly how you approach your work. We have entered a new era with the Divine Feminine taking her rightful place on centre stage with the Divine Father; that would require leaps and bounds for society, in terms of “integrating the feminine” in so many areas of life now. The bedroom is a good start.

    Joining a church and setting up a ministry, maybe you are being led further on your path towards offering a new paradigm of truth, (rather than control) for church goers. After all the truth shall set us ALL free. A ministry also sounds more fluid and flexible, than the old traditional, fixed and well established religious institutes. It sounds like a fantastic place to continue the integration of the Feminine which we are beginning to see in traditional religions such as Christianity, with their introduction of female priests. This could be offering another way forward, one in which the feminine doesn’t try integrating into what already exists, maybe she sets up her own “church/ministry” with forward thinking men, like Oliver. That would shake up the outdated way religions operate, and certainly be forced to rethink its’ outdated values.
    Sounds like a business marriage, a marriage of convenience, you do it because you have/need to. So romance doesn’t need to play a part. Oliver is exactly the type of man who is needed to support the integration of this Divine Feminine especially if he has just spent a fortnight in an ashram in India. Additionally, there may be a need for an Integration with some aspect/s of your friend Oliver, or a closer objective look at the parts of him that are reflective of yourself.
    Not sensing anything significant about the test cricket or the big houses, unless some of the celebrities may be instrumental in taking this perspective forward, they do have the financial abundance with which to support such ministries, where it taps into their need for spiritual service and growth.

    In summary, two dreams about marriage, first to God and now to Oliver. Feels like a major transition and integration going on, new beginnings embracing the feminine within.
    Just a few thoughts, hope this sheds some more light or at least peels away a few more layers of the onion. Love and Light. Maureen

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