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Session 30 – Very touchy feely


May 16th 2013 (Thursday)2002-01-01 00.00.00-1442

We were nine tonight, two men and seven women. I was on a high from the day from a lot of clearing. I threw out five bags of cassette tapes – yes and many of those were recorded psychic readings. Oh how things have changed, now I do the psychic readings. And I was really looking forward to practicing some more tonight.

However, as I walked into the log cabin the chill made me reach for my jacket, one of those situations where it was warmer outside.

As we waited for everyone to arrive I could feel the energy draining out of me. By the time we got to the first meditation I was asleep through most of it. It was a colour one where we had to visualise the colours of the rainbow and then see them swirling around us. Mine became a vortex which pulled me in and sent me to sleep.

I could barely keep my eyes open during the feedback, which didn’t go unnoticed. Someone requested that we do the meditation to meet our guides. As Greg began, I realised that its one we’ve done before, only in that one I was much more awake, so much so I was flying around the room.

Anyway, we went to a cottage and sat in a chair and waited for our guide to reveal him/her/it self to us from the feet upwards. I saw nothing. I kept hoping that maybe by the time we got to the head that I’d see something. But no, zilch, nada, nothing.

The only things I experienced were the tingling around my third eye, which is the sign my grandmother uses to let me know her energy is around me, and someone stroking my cheeks. This was so soothing that I fell asleep again.

After the feedback we were a little stuck for something to do, so Greg suggested we had a go at psychometry. He handed over a set of keys to one of group and asked for a message. It took a while coming as the person had been put on the spot, but Greg said it made sense to him.

He, the reader, had to give something to someone else. She gave him a message and passed something to another person. By this time I felt almost comatose. I was struggling to keep my eyes open. The level of energy in the room felt low, several people had said they felt unpleasant physical symptoms during the second meditation, and I really couldn’t concentrate.

I apologised to Greg, said I wasn’t feeling well and needed to leave. Said goodbye to everyone and headed home.

As I drove home my spirits gradually lifted. Could this heavy energy have anything to do with the fact that I’ve been doing a lot of clearing out, spring cleaning and throwing out lots of things that I once held dear? Or could it be something else. And why did it descend when I was in the room, and lift when I left?


Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

4 thoughts on “Session 30 – Very touchy feely

  1. Hi Predencia. I love reading your blog, as I also go to some practice sessions like this, but not as often as you. I was thinking maybe you were connecting with someone else’s energy without realizing it, either of a living person who was there, or a spirit.
    At a mediumship class recently, during a practice reading I was feeling suddenly very foggy-brained and my head hurt, and I really wasn’t getting any info because of the foggy-brain. Then after the session I felt completely fine and clear, and it turned out to be a symptom from the spirit I was connecting to.
    On the other hand, maybe you just were a bit under the weather, and the session (especially with your grandmother) gave you some healing.

  2. Its lovely to hear from you Thea. I missed reading you when your school work took you away from the blog. Hope you’ll be back soon. I want to know more about the birds.

    I think your comments are very helpful. I’ve spoken to a few people who also sit in development circles, and they share your view that I was probably picking up on someone’s energy, otherwise I wouldn’t have come out of it so quickly after I left the circle.

    I don’t really think I was under the weather because I felt so alive and energised before I went in.

    I’m hoping that my energy helped whoever it was that needed it. I’m a Reiki practitioner and often felt the symptoms of my client during the treatment. I’m putting this down to an impromptu Reiki treatment. I needed to leave to recharge my batteries.

  3. Hi,

    I feel the energy drain was either caused by a spirit in the room that someone there had attracted unintentionally and it seemed intent on causing discomfort for some reason to those in the room, or more than likely, someone there was radiating really negative (or rather, low vibrational energy) vibes at this session. Could be both! The whole session as you`ve described it sounds like it wasn`t really flowing anyway, shame you didn`t leave earlier! xx

  4. Thanks for this Sandra. All part of the learning process I guess. I wonder what, if anything, I could have done to help re-energise myself to allow me to stay? Or is it just best to leave on such occasions?

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