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Session 25 – Colour me shaman

8th March 2013 (Monday)

When Mary announced to the seven of us at today’s session that we’d be doing some work with colour, three of us burst out laughing, because we – that is me, Tim (yes he’s back) and another member of the group – had been discussing a colour personality test.

‘As you meditate focus on a colour, any colour that comes into your head. Try and settle on one colour,’ Mary instructed us.

DSC_0087Gold popped into my head, so too did a golden kite with blue bows tied on a long tail, and some other images that I couldn’t remember by the end of the meditation. I hate it when that happens. I’ve tried to focus on holding the images but when I drop back into the silence I lose them. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m meant to remember them I will.

We each gave quick feedback on how we experienced the meditation; some mentioned the colour they got others didn’t. As well as my gold there was electric blue, orange, violet and green.

‘Now you’re going to give each other readings based on the colour you got,’ Mary said as we picked crystals from her hands to find our partners. My dark green (jade I think) was matched by one of the men in the group, the same one who got the message for me to look more deeply into shamanism.

I was happy to be working with him because I thought it would give me an opportunity to give him an update on how far I’d got with the research. As it turned out he’s attended a number of shamanic events and had a lot of valuable information for me. Accidental pairing? I think not.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. Mary gave us all a colour interpretation chart to kick start our readings.

‘Use the colour interpretation to get you into the reading, then listen to what else spirit want you to tell your partner,’ was her advice.

I got my reading first. Gold = learned physical commitment to their spiritual pathways/awareness.

He began by highlighting my commitment to this blog and the help it offers to others, then went on to talk about my writing generally and the way that will help many people around the world. (Seems like spirit are really hammering that one home.) He said that was only one part of my spiritual practice though and that healing will play a big part in my life.

PICT1104AHis colour was violet = A true spiritual person, perceptive, well-guarded (though has tended to be misunderstood), no ego person, which is a very accurate description of him. However, after I read this to him I saw in my minds eye a foot stepping over a doorstep and was thrown for a moment. It’s the first time that’s happened when I’ve been giving a reading.

‘Do you need to go somewhere?’ I asked, trying to make sense of the image. Before he could answer I realised that what he was being asked to do was step up, i.e. step up his spiritual practice. Then I heard all this stuff flying out of my mouth about how he has so much more to give but that he needs to start using what he has now, because spirit wants to use him in many other ways.

‘It’s like when you’re studying, before you can do you’re A-levels you have to complete your GCSE, before you can go on to do your degree you have to do you’re a-levels. ‘You’re going all the way to doctorate,’ I told him ‘but you have to start using what you’ve been given.’

When I came up for air I asked him if any of it made sense. He said he’d been meaning to step up his healing and readings and had been thinking about doing volunteer session at Oak House. After what I’d said, he was going to ask straight away – and he did – at the feedback. Well, knock me over with a feather!!!

After that Mary offered us a ‘philosophy’ or healing option. We decided we would just about have enough time for both.

‘The ‘Philosophy’ option involved each of us standing up at the front and being given a word on which we had to talk about something uplifting. Nothing like putting you on the spot, as we didn’t know what the word was until we were standing there. The idea was that spirit would speak through us to pass to the group what needed to be heard. Our part was to trust what came out of our mouths.

Given that most of the group are not public speakers, there were some surprisingly eloquent messages delivered.

We ended with a healing circle, where we brought down white healing light and used it for all who needs healing. Oak House has a healing book into which the names of those who have asked for healing are entered. We also added names of people we knew who would benefit from healing.

During our closing prayer, which was being done by a member who hasn’t been for a few weeks, she went into a trance like state, where her words changed for ‘I’ to ‘we’. What I mean is, it’s as if someone was speaking through her, a bit like when Zoe does the trance work, but without the voice change. This member had also had another big breakthrough, as something similar had happened while she was doing the reading with her partner. She was being shown many things about him that she had no way of knowing.

Boy, I love it when this kind of thing happens. Just goes to show we’re not as in control as we think we are.

Please feel free to comment on anything. Have you ever had the experience of starting speaking as you and ending in that trance-like state? If you do reading, how do you get your images, and do they always mean the same thing?



Getting married to God

I few nights ago I dreamed that I was getting married to God. Most people’s response have been ‘you’re not thinking of becoming a nun are you?’

I found an interesting interpretation of dreams about God on the experience festival website.

To see God in your dream, signifies your spirituality and expression of your feelings about divinity. God also symbolizes an untouchable, unreachable, and unattainable notion of perfection. Thus such a dream may highlight your struggles and attempts with trying to be perfect. To dream that you are worshipping God, signifies repentance of your actions and errors. To dream that God speaks to you, signifies feelings of guilt, eternal punishment, and damnation. To dream that you are a god, implies your own special talents which you have not yet recognized or have not fully developed. Alternatively, it suggests your feelings of superiority over others.

The italicised sentences above best describe what’s going on for me. Am I looking to find such a person as a partner or am I trying to become that perfect person? Sometimes I’d just like to give my head a rest.

Do you have any other ideas as to why I’d be marrying God?

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Session 24 – Rush hour in spirit world

4th April 2013 (Thursday)

Nine women, two men, and one of those was Greg the facilitator. There were two new women.

PICT2040Someone mentioned dreams before the session started. I suddenly remembered and shared with the group that last night I dreamed that I was marrying God.

‘You’re not thinking of becoming a nun are you?’ Greg asked.

‘It’s too late for that,’ I muttered quietly, but obviously not quietly enough as half the room tittered.

I also announced that I was back on form, completely rested, while I tucked into the cup cake one of the members had brought for the group. So delicious.

The first exercise was to try and get some advice for one of the new women for an issue she had already discussed with Greg but that we were unaware of. Greg welcomed our spirit guides and asked for their help, guidance and protection.

We all got something for her. I saw a newspaper and a razor. The message was ‘words can be cutting.’ One lady saw a basket of eggs which had been on a card from a mini reading the new lady had earlier. One person saw her grandmother who had some advice for her. All but one input made sense to her. Greg suggested that the thing she didn’t recognise now was possibly a future event.

Our second meditation was a deep one. I dropped into that state of nothingness very quickly. The only thing I remember from that first exercise was seeing four flames in a circle. I didn’t hear most of the meditation but toward the end I felt someone jolt my body upright and said ‘it time to listen now.’ That’s when Greg said ‘come back into the room when you’re ready.’

As others began to give feedback on their experience I realised that we’d been taken down in a lift, each floor taking us deeper into meditation. Some people had trance-like experiences while others found it difficult to go down. There were long elaborate journeys and short succinct ones like mine. During my feedback there was a rush of energy into the room felt by most of the room. It stopped Greg in mid sentence. Whatever comment he was about to make about my experience was lost in the drama of the arriving spirits. I have to confess that I didn’t sense it or feel the accompanying cold. I was cold all the time, even though I was sitting next to the radiator which was turned up fully. Greg said he’d never known spirit enter with such speed.

We paused in the round of feedback while Greg identified who they were. They (the three of them) were all connected with one person. There were two women and a man. Some of Greg’s descriptions made sense to the person to whom they were connected, and it seemed to be coldest in her part of the room. They must have stayed around for the rest of the night because it didn’t get any warmer.

Our third meditation took us from the beach, up a steep cliff, down a grassy verge to a lagoon with a waterfall where we bathed, swam, then dived down to find a gem.

My ascent of the cliff was not straight forward as I had to zigzag my way in places, but I opted for the most direct route. I knew I’d have the stamina to make it as I’ve done a lot of hill walking. The other side of the cliff was covered in yellow, purple and blue flowers, with lots of bluebells around the edge of the lagoon.

As I got into the lagoon sparks flew off the waterfall, like a giant sparkler. I lay on my back and floated (which is unusual for me as I’m not very confident in water).

I dived down to pick up a big piece of citrine, but when I came up and looked in my hand I was holding a very large ruby. Incidentally three of us picked up ruby, the most popular of the night.

I was going for abundance with citrine, but with ruby it would appear that what I need is passion and vitality.

I feel like the steep curve of learning is levelling off a bit, or maybe its to do with the fact that I’m meditating daily and getting messages almost every day.

If you’ve ever sat in circle, or still do, is this how it felt for you?


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Old boot and an odd couple

Monday 1st April 2013

Crocus pushing through the cold

Crocus pushing through the cold

I’ve been handling the knack of meditating for an hour each day. It works best for me first thing in the morning before I get up and start the day. Sometimes it’s a peaceful haven and other times I get the same kinds of images I get when I sit in circle. The only difference is that I don’t have a Greg or Zoe or Mary to help me interpret them. I have to rely on myself or phone a friend.

Today I had four very distinct images.

  1. An opening gate – think it was in a field
  2. One foot of a black square-toed ankle lace-up boot.
  3. The same boot with a comfy settee in it.
  4. A couple sitting on a swing chair on the veranda of an old colonial style house in the USA. She’s very pale, almost while with blonde hair, and he’s black. He has his arm stiffly around her shoulder. With this image I got an intense pain in the back of my head and what I can only describe as a very uncomfortable/uneasy feeling, which disappeared when the image went.

Here’s my attempt at interpretation.

Gate – encouraging me to look on the other side. Do I believe the grass is greener on the other side?

Black boot – journeying on my own. This spiritual journey can only be undertaken on my own?

Boot with settee – I’ve become comfortable with the journey.

Couple – Was one of my maternal ancestors white? Was there a lot of pain and discomfort associated with that relationship?

I called a friend. She suggested the open gate may be spirit realm letting me know I’ve got open access. (No need to keep asking in each meditation to be connected.) She said the boot showed an imbalance in my life as there is supposed to be two of them, but that I’d somehow accepted and become comfortable with the imbalance. During the discussion it occurred to me that the couple may be the original source of any mental health issues in my family, (See family constellation blog) as it was suggested in constellation work that it came through my maternal line.

I’d welcome any offers of additional or alternative interpretations…please.