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Invoking my creative muse

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It’s Wednesday at 6.55 a.m. and I’m about to use the gift I received at circle on Thursday to invoke my creative muse.

Creative muse invoking kit

Creative muse invoking kit

I have my dried lavender flowers, lavender oil, yellow feather and instructions, all beautifully bound in a yellow bag. I have a bell and a compass.

The instructions read: Put you symbol by where you work. Rub a little oil onto it, sprinkle flowers over the symbol while you repeat the following words aloud.

‘Muse of art, muse of sound, muse of thought, gather round. I ask for power, for shining light, creativity in this rite. As I will, Blessed be!’ Face east where you work, ring a bell, add a feather.

I do all of the above assuming the feather is the symbol of my art. Only when the feather is soaked in lavender oil, has dried flowers sticking to every strand, and I’m a little more awake (the ringing of the bell I think) do I realise that I needed a different symbol of my art.

I repeat the whole thing, but this time with a pen as the symbol.

It’s a lovely way to start the day. Beautiful smell of lavender, sound of tinkling bell (a cow bell my son brought back from Switzerland for me) and gently music.

Nothing dramatic has happened. I have a feeling my creative muse has been with me for some time, and had put in a re-appearance yesterday when I began writing on Love is Not a Reward again after a week away.

I’ll face east all day, maybe a good thing to get my back off the radiator anyway, and see what happens.

I research the meaning of Muse and realise that I’ve been working with at least one for some time now. Nice to formally welcome them though. And how thoughtful of my circle friend to think of me.

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