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Session 15 – Card readings


February 25th 2013 (Monday)

Tim’s still on holiday, and a few others were missing, so there were only six of us including Mary. After the opening prayer we went straight into a meditation in which Mary suggested we ask our guides for a philosophy, some words of wisdom. This could be either for an individual or for the whole group. I’d had a busy weekend and was very tired. I had to fight to stay awake (even though it was only mid afternoon). The only things I got was ‘always trust your heart, it knows the way,’ and after a few more minutes I had a vision of me being pulled up the stairs of a spiral staircase in a big old building. I couldn’t see who was doing the pulling.

During the feedback it became clear that most of us had been given philosophies relating to the heart.

Mary asked if we knew why we ‘opened up’ with prayer. Generally speaking it’s a signal to spirit that we’re reporting for work, and it’s important to signal that we are willing to work only in the light. We talked about whether negative ‘entities’ (bad spirit) could attach themselves to us or take us over. There were two schools of thought. One was yes, and we have to make sure we protected ourselves at all times but particularly when we ‘opened up’. The second was no, if we stay in the light no ‘entities’ can invade us because such entities are a manifestation of our own fears. I’m going with the second.

We then had a lengthy discussion following on from last week about the difference between working psychically and working spiritually. Mary wanted to make sure we were all clear about the different states and their meanings. Essentially when working spiritually you will get messages that you couldn’t possibly have worked out for yourself. Usually evidence is given from spirit world of life after death. Psychically is essentially working with the auric field, our own knowledge and our intuition.

We then did readings for each other using tiny angel cards with one word on them. Most of them also have a small picture. I picked beauty and my partner picked play. Alongside the word was a little scene of children playing by the beach, one of them with fairy wings.

I was able to give a reading that made a lot of sense to the person. Everything except the very last thing made sense, and we agreed the thing that didn’t would in time. What surprised me was how confident I felt with what I was saying. Checking that it made sense but not doubting what I was saying, even though there were times when I wondered where the words came from.

When she did my reading she told me of a blue bird with outstretched wings signifying freedom and communication. As there was also a tinge of green on the bird she felt this meant that my communication (words) would bring healing to others. I could do with more romance. (Who couldn’t?)

Mary then asked us to think about whether we felt we’d given/received a psychic or spiritual reading. I felt I’d given a psychic reading but had received a spiritual one. My partner, who connects very easily with her guides, agreed.

Any ideas what being pulled up the stairs could mean?

Author: predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com

4 thoughts on “Session 15 – Card readings

  1. Hi there. You were asking about what people thought of `being pulled up the stairs`. It`s interesting the building was old, and the staircase a spiral. The spiral is an ancient pagan symbol of evolution, one of the oldest in existance. It represents the cycle of the seasons and the cycle of life, growth and change. It is supposed to take one to a higher and more evolved level at each turn (so it would be interesting to know as well if it was a big spiral)!!
    Also, it appears on burial sites across the globe, most likely representing the life/ death cycle, as people once thought the sun died each night and was reborn each day. Thought this might help with your deliberations! Love Sandra x

  2. Hi Sandra. Thanks for your response. I didn’t know that about spirals but after reading your comment did a quick bit of research. Everything you’ve written above is amplified in several places. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell how far up (or down) the spiral I was, so don’t know how evolved I am; whether Archangel Michael should look out or whether the amoeba is making space for me to shuffle in.
    I also read that in the last three years there have been sightings of brilliant spirals hovering in the night sky over places like China, Russia, Norway and Finland, to name but a few.
    Given the meaning of spirals, I find it interesting that I was being pulled up (dragged up was what I wrote originally, then changed it to something more polite) Does this indicate a certain unwillingness on my part, or does it just mean I’m getting help?

    • Well, I think only you will really know the answer to that last question!! On the bright side, either way you are recieving Spiritual `encouragement` whatever form it takes!! xx

  3. LOL, I like the word ‘encouragement’. I think I’ll hang with that for the time being. x

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