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Do mediums really need guides?


Tuesday 12th February 2013

Today I went for a colonic hydrotherapy treatment. The therapist turned out to be a trance medium who had practiced for over ten years. (How random – (or otherwise) is that). I shared with her my concerns about not being able to contact my guide(s).

From Brendan's holiday in   Egypt

From Brendan’s holiday in

She had an interesting take on it. She said that if my energy was already vibrating at a high level that I was already connected to my higher self, to spirit as it were, and that I didn’t need an intermediary.

She said most people who have a guide use the guide (which they have conjured up anyway, as we create all things in our lives) as a means of talking to their higher selves because they don’t yet know or trust that they can do it themselves. Quite often these people lack confidence and use the guide very much like a child uses an imaginary friend.

She suggested that whatever other spiritual practices I’ve been engaged in have brought me to accept that we are all one, all connected to each other and to all of the universe, to past, present and future and therefore there’s no need of a separate guide.

I’d really welcome some thoughts on this.

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2 thoughts on “Do mediums really need guides?

  1. Hi there, loving the blog x personally, right now I think maybe our guides are often ourselves but from `past` or `future` lives where we have been different personalities. As time is apparently only a manmade concept and we are really living all our lives at once, and we are all one, I think it`s possible that we are guiding ourselves. Of course, I feel it is possible to have guidance in all ways from all people and all planets in the Universes too! so that begs the question `Are we as one in just this Universe or with everything in existance??` And I do feel we maybe get guidance from `outside` ourselves, in the form of communications from other planets..but then we have probably existed (or exist) on other planets in a different form anyway, so could well still be guiding ourselves! mmmmm. You know me though, tomorrow I could change my mind, but that`s what I feel right now xxx

  2. Hi Sandra. Great to hear from you. I’ve had a few people email me with their suggestions and I’m really pleased you’ve posted directly as well. It gives others another view. Interestingly the responses so far are in agreement with you. One person suggested that Petra may either be my guide, or the name of my higher self, and that I have to go with what feels right for me. I’d like to think I remain open to all forms of communication, not ruling anything out. At the moment the higher self is resonating with me.

    I think you might find the post on past life regression interesting as questions about past and future lives were being discussed tonight. As though you knew what was coming next….

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