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Moringa in the morning – lizard at night

Thursday 21 November 2013

Moringa pods

Moringa pods

Yesterday I had my first mosquito bite. I got a sense that I had stayed too long in there space and they just wanted me to leave. I had been six hours in the same place in the lounge writing. I took myself off to my bedroom and noticed a small lizard on the wall. My friends told me that lizards eat flies and mosquitoes. That news was strangely comforting. I felt that the lizard was protecting my personal space.

Since I’ve been in Barbados my UK mobile phone has not worked. It kept saying ‘no service.’ This morning I had my cleaning head on and was doing it to the music on my phone which was stuffed down my cleavage.

As I bent over to move some shoes out of the way a small lizard (the same size as the one that was in my room) ran out from behind the shoes. Startled, I jumped back and my phone fell to the floor. The back fell off and the battery fell out. I replaced them both and immediately started receiving texts. Service had been resumed.

As I continued with the cleaning I couldn’t find a pair of rubber gloves. The same (or pretty near identical) lizard scurried past me. I watched where it disappeared to, and there was a hand of glove.

At this point I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of lizards. When lizards show up it’s mainly an indication to pay attention to one’s dreams and visions. I have not done a shamanic journey (meditation) in over a week now. Maybe this is a prompt to either meditate, or to pay closer attention to my dreams.

In terms of writing, I stayed on the project for about 12 hours yesterday. We have a meeting tomorrow to discuss progress and I was feeling a little panicked.

It’s been difficult to get my head back into academic writing – but I’m there now. Ably assisted my regular intake of moringa, both as tea first thing in the morning, and the seeds throughout the day.

Open moringa pod, exposing seeds

Open moringa pod, exposing seeds

My friends have a friend who owns a moringa tree. It’s interesting to break open the pod and get the seeds out fresh.

No beach for me yesterday. Doesn’t look like it will happen today either – but I am going to Oistens tonight to eat fish as part of the food and drink festival that’s going on here at the moment.



Why the rush?

Wednesday 20th November 2013

I managed to get down to some serious writing yesterday before meeting a friend on the beach for a two- year catch-up.

Ships on the Barbados coast

Ships on the Barbados coast

What amazed me was that as I walked onto the beach one of the women who helps to keep the beach clean hailed me ‘Hey Predencia, how you doing?’ like she’d only seen me yesterday.

I went over, held one of her hands in both of mine and said I was honoured that she remembered me.

‘Why wouldn’t I?’ she replied surprised.

I didn’t answer that it was because I’d forgotten hers. ‘It’s been two years,’ I said instead.

‘I know,’ she replied and I felt humbled again.

Later I reflected on why my memory had been so much worse than hers. I came to the conclusion that her life had continued pretty much the same since I left, but mine had been a constant blur of new experiences.

There was a sense of calmness about her, of knowing that tomorrow was going to be the same as today, as it was yesterday.

After talking to my friend, who has also lived a life full of almost daily connection with the beach, and who displayed the same sense of calmness, I wondered if my rushing about was achieving anything.

Barbadian sunset

Barbadian sunset

They watch the people come and go, just like the ships that pull in, stay for a while and leave. But they have the beauty of these sunsets every day.


Back in Barbados

Monday 18th November 2013

So I’m safely in Barbados. I arrived here after a 13 hour journey door to door. It seemed incredible short compared to the 28 hour Cameroonian one.

Miami Beach - Barbados

Miami Beach – Barbados

The main thing of note was that I sat next to someone who was very interested in shamanism and had recently participated in an Ayahausca ceremony. That was enough to grab my attention, and she held it for the 9 hour journey.

The thick heavy book on parenting I’d brought to get me in the mood for completing the parenting course got scant attention, but I raised the issue of the course with my friend within an hour of getting home.

The thing is, I’ve been giving myself a hard time because I’ve been struggling to fit Caribbean parenting needs into the straight jacket of an academic course. After talking it through with her she also admitted that it is indeed complex. However, we came to an agreement as to how we can move forward and I’m going to begin to apply it today.

2013-11-17 18.38.41However, in order to start my day in the right frame of mind I had to go and get my fix of the beach. It’s a much longer walk to get there from her new house so I was driven there this morning.

There is an energy of flow and creativity in this place, both in my friend’s house and in the island as a whole. I’m optimistic that something will emerge with which I’m happy.

Picture is the view from my working spot today.

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End of week message

15th November 2013

2013-10-09 14.09.00After a really challenging week I received the email below from a friend. It’s at times like this when I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be blessed with amazing friends. Thank you so very much Simon.

As it comes to the end of another day, as you kick back and recline on your sofa.  You ask yourself that question,’ Was I really 5000 miles away just the other day? Were you really changing lives, building schools, changing the world?

Then you hear the rain singing your name. Rain drops like small feet stomping a rhythm and your intuition knows the rain echoes the voices of the lives you’ve touched.   Staff, parents and children are singing your name right now and for a long time to come, it goes without question.  It’s amazing how dreams, praise and happiness travels great distances – listen can you hear them?

It’s a grey day Predencia but you put the sun in the sky for a lot or people.  I’m not even thinking of the ones that you saw, but the ones that will be there in the future…. generations.  Wow!!!  What a legacy.   How are you going to trump that then?  I’m also wondering how to emulate that.  I’ve done what you’ve done but I haven’t built a class room or a school.

It’s the end of a long day and I thought on the whim to send you an email that I hope would bring a smile to your face whatever the type of day you’ve had.

Keep smiling; it only gets better.



The blocks are off – I’m writing again

Sunday 10th November 2013

Sunday morning football in Birmingham

Sunday morning football in Birmingham

I discovered today what the real cause of my writing block was. I have been trying to write something that would be academically acceptable but would be out of step with my own beliefs. After discussing it with my friend who commissioned the piece she said ‘write what feels right for you and we’ll see whether it can be adapted to suit our needs.’

You may be wondering what the ‘piece’ is. It’s a parenting course for Caribbean parents and I’ve been struggling to write anything prescriptive because I recognise and accept that parenting comes from one’s beliefs.

If you believe that children are born as empty vessels to be filled up by the adults around them, then there are many books that will tell you how to do that.

If on the other hand you believe, as I do, that children are born with everything they need to know already inside them, and that our job as adults is to help them draw the knowledge out, then you will parent in a very different way. And there are not so many books about that.

So, I’m going to write the course from this perspective. From the view that we all come with a purpose and choose the parents who are going to best help us fulfil that purpose.

I wonder if there will be many takers.

River Rae - Birmingham

River Rae – Birmingham

Maybe a walk in the beautiful autumn sunshine also helped to clear the blockage.


Trying to get past writers block

2013-11-03 20.21.55

In the book Walking in This World Julia Cameron suggest that all artists including writers should do something every week that have nothing to do with their art.

2013-11-03 20.22.12

On Tuesday I went shopping for a new pair of sandals in Birmingham city center.

2013-11-03 20.22.18

There was a busking band playing Latin American music. As I danced on the other side of the road the band leader invited me to come and dance with the band.

2013-11-03 20.22.23

‘What the hell’ I thought as I dropped my bags danced to the lambada. He joined me and we provided a light moment for the many passers by. I think I also helped to increase their takings.