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Cameroon update – Nearly there with the roof

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post these pictures that Fred, the director of SEREP (Self Reliance Promoters NGO) sent me a couple of weeks ago. The progress has been very rapid, but they need another £350 to finish the roof. It would be great to achieve that before the rainy season returns.

Shiney new roof

Shiney new roof

Hei Predencia,
It is my pleasure to update you again.  You can now see that the upper front has been roofed and then part of the upper back part almost half way gone.  
Only a bit more to go

Only a bit more to go

Yesterday we had a staff social and send off for Niki and I passed your greetings and all what you have done to make the roofing go up to this level. They were all happy and send you greetings to extend their appreciation to the donors.
Your efforts has given us a lot of hope and bright future for this project.
As soon as we get more zinc to continue, I will still get back to you with the progress.
Yours sincere.
Wirkom Fred

Please let me know if you would like to contribute to this phase. To nick a well know supermarket’s phrase… every little helps.

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TickIT Launch


On Wednesday I braved the cold and wind to attend the launch of a new organisation called TickIT. It’s been set up to educate people from African Caribbean backgrounds on the important of voting. I learned that even if you don’t like anyone of the candidates you can write ‘none of the above’ on your ballot paper. It shows you’re willing to participate in the process but can’t find anyone to vote for.

From June of this year you will no longer be automatically registered to vote. You have to opt in. I didn’t know this. Did you?

I was also reminded that the democratic process continues whether or not I engage with it. It means fewer and fewer people are electing our politicians who represent all of us. Or rather in the case of the African Caribbean community – don’t represent us well enough.

After a few years…

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